Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still trying to be hopeful

Are we sick of T & A post-op reports?  Yes. I am. I’m ready to not have anything further to say about this.  I’m still amazed, with her crazy-high pain tolerance, that this is causing her so much trouble.  She wasn’t even on pain meds this long after heart surgery.

Braska did have a better night, in that she slept several hours in a row.  Of course, Kinlee picked last night to get up twice for no apparent reason… bad dreams, I’m guessing.  So I still had a choppy night, but I did get some rest, in pieces.

This morning, I thought we had turned the page on the whining and whimpering and miserable fidgeting.  She had a good couple of hours, not all that perky, but not too down.  Then, just before noon, she crumbled again.  The screaming is enough to make my ears ring for quite some time.  It was short-lived but intense.  She calmed down a little and took a short nap, but then woke fussing again.  She was very upset and clearly could not get comfortable after her nap.

It’s a constant movement thing that’s so weird with her.  She is usually one to sit still, even if she’s upset, she doesn’t wriggle.  But this last week has shown a very strange fidgeting that just drives me nuts.  She doesn’t just lie sadly on my lap. She has to climb up on my shoulder, then down to cuddle on the left side (shoving one arm behind me) then she wriggles up and flips over, only to climb back up to the shoulder again and start over.  This all happens in less than about 40 seconds.  Over and over.  It’s unnerving.  I usually have to just pin her against me at some point and distract with something to get her to take a deep breath and relax a bit.

I called the ENT office today and the nurse said to go ahead and give her ibuprofen, even though we’re not to the 2-week mark.  She said some kids just don’t respond well to the Tylenol.  Wow.  Thanks for telling me that NOW! So we will do the alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen and hope that helps.  We’ll watch for bleeding, of course, but she’s had no problems so far with that part.  I gave her a dose as soon as I hung up with the nurse.

It comes in waves, and right now she’s calm.  Learning about sound waves on Sid the Science Kid.  We’re going to have to reestablish our TV boundaries after this is over, but for now, if it keeps her distracted and not screaming, we’ll let her enjoy some learning entertainment.    Plus, just ask her how she hears…she’ll tell you “EARS!” Quality.


  1. hope you all find yourself to be well around that corner to good health! lets pray the ibuprofen provide the relief she needs!!

  2. I can totally relate. It took Addy two full weeks before she even started to remotely act like herself. Her major bowel surgeries were a breeze compared to TA. It will get better, it just stinks right now! I'm so sorry!

  3. My niece had the same surgery a year ago and it was well over a week until she was even beginning to be herself. She too would melt down around noon, sheer exhaustion and pain again. Hope the ibuprofen takes her pain away and she can get some much needed good sleep.


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