Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quiet time

We are enjoying the quiet now. Except for the sound of Word World. B requested it. She hasnt said much since recovery so its nice to hear a little raspy voice. M went home for the evening and we girls are just hanging out.

So far we have this nice corner room to ourselves. And we hope it stays that way. Quiet is nice. Though our poor little neighbor next door is having a rough time and making sure everyone knows.

Dr M stopped by and it sounds like we might be able to go home tomorrow if all continues well. I gave B some water a bit ago (After venting a TON of air from her belly via the button) and we will try some formula soon to be sure she does ok with it after the anesthesia fog is all gone. Then maybe ice cream before bed. So far she will not accept even a sip of water but I will keep trying.


  1. Glad the worst is over. Praying all continues to go well and you are able to go home soon. Thanks for the updates.

  2. Starting to read your series of blog entries about the T&A and post-op as we prepare ourselves for Matthew's T&A tomorrow. Thanks for posting about your experience.


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