Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To add to the fun—a tongue spot

Wow…that was the most negative post I’ve done in a while. sorry about that, but it’s where I am sometimes lately. So very frustrated. It comes and goes. I usually try to hide it because it’s not pretty, but I’m too worn out to sugar-coat today.

Because we didn’t have enough fun things to wonder about, I found this on Braska’s tongue this morning.  It’s a fairly large white spot.  It won’t scrape off with a Nuk brush, doesn’t move. 

A close-up for your viewing pleasure.

Ideas?  I’ve already been Googling and perusing my medical resources (my years in medical practices comes in so handy sometimes) but I don’t find much that matches this. It’s not a tonsillolith—the white spots sometimes seen in and around the throat and tonsils.  It’s much larger than a taste bud or two that’s swollen.  So I’m not sure. 

Related to the upper respiratory issues?  Who knows…


  1. Thrush or strep come to mind immediately...sorry!

  2. I agree with Rochelle! poor baby (and mommy!)

  3. trush was the first thing I thought of....antibiotics can cause that, can't they?

  4. Emmy had thrush when she was Braska's age, and that is exactly what it looked like. And i do believe it was caused by antibiotics. Good Googly woman I am going to pray for complete health and healing in your household!

  5. RK, if Braska is on antibiotics currently go get some stuff called acidopholis - you can find it at grocery stores in the vitamin aisle - and it's in chewable form... it's an extra shot of the good bacteria that we get in yogurt and such and can replenish some of the good stuff that antibiotics kills off.

  6. I'd say thrush or a fungal infection. Either way it is treatable! (but not scrapeable, you're right) Melissa (via your uncle Don reading your blog faithfully)

  7. My first though was thrush - especially since you said it didn't scrape off...and antibiotics can cause that.

  8. If the spot is still there today or the latest tomorrow, I would definately take her to the Pediatrician to have it checked out.
    The part that concerns me is that it did seem to get better after scraping it. Normally Thrush will scrape off some. If her whole tongue becomes white then it is most likely Thrush which still will need treatment.
    It could be other things going on, that needs to be checked out.


  9. Did you ever find out what it was? My neice has the same thing going on.


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