Friday, March 26, 2010

Danger: Down in front

More drama on the homefront, but this time a bit more painful physically.

Everyone in our family is ok. Just clarifying for those of you who yelled at me last time I saved that til the end.

Braska's nutritionist was due for a visit at 1pm today. I was getting ready and saw her drive in at 1:10 pm or so. I was putting away lunch things and straightening up the living room. The therapists, I've found, often finish their phone calls in the driveway or for some reason don't come to the door right away. So I continued doing the last little pick-up for a few more minutes. I glanced out at the drive to see the truck was there, but I couldn't tell if she was still inside. At that moment, I heard a loud crash against the front storm door. I headed there to open it, and as I turned the door handle, I heard, "Help! Please help!" I flung the door open to see her face down on the porch with her head against the door. The screen was partially up, so I asked her if she was ok (duh! habit, I guess), and she responded with, "No, I don't think so." I ran back through the kitchen, grabbed my phone on the way, out through the garage--where of course the button to the garage door picked NOW to be stubborn--and I got around to where she was. She was still face down, and I was very afraid she had hit her head on the brick ledge right below the doorway.

She said she couldn't move her arm or shoulder, and that she had fallen right on it. She couldn't move over to the side. It was very clear that she was hurt pretty badly, but she was talking some, so I asked if she wanted me to try to help her up or call 911. She said to call, so I did. We live in "the county" since we're about 2 blocks from where the city limits actually stop. So they had to transfer me after I gave my info the first time. Take 2--I gave the 911 operator all the info, and they were on their way. While we waited, she tried to right herself and managed to get turned over at least on her side that wasn't as injured. She is from about 40 minutes away, so she had me call her husband and tell him to call her daughter who lives nearby.

The whole time we're sitting on the little concrete square that is our front porch, talking of how she just missed the sidewalk and stepped in a low spot in the grass between the sidewalk and the porch at the corner. I've done the same thing more than once, going in and coming out. We really do need to do something with it, I guess. Although it's not technically where one should step, people seem to hit that few inches alot.

Kinlee and Braska had jumped down from the chair they were in when I fled from the living room, and they were standing at the door watching things happen 2 feet in front of them. Braska looked less than pleased at things, especially when Miss C would move in a way that pained her. She's so sensitive to people in pain. They were great though, I have to say. They managed to stay out of trouble for the 30 minutes I was outside with her. They both stayed very close to the door the whole time, just taking it in, then sitting down for a minute tickling each other or being goofy, then they'd stand back up and watch, all somber and serious for a minute.

The ambulance arrived. And drove right past the house. But the guy on the passenger side saw us on the porch as they passed, so they went to the corner a couple houses down and turned around. I suppose the huge house numbers on the mailbox post aren't quite big enough. There were three paramedics who came to the rescue. They were very calm and very nice. Not rushed at all, but thorough. They got her up into a sitting position, and after some painful maneuvering, they had her in a very rough sling. Unfortunately, she has bad knees on a good day, and this didn't help that at all. So between the shoulder and the knees, she got to ride the stretcher to the ambulance.

I sure hope that it's nothing lasting as far as damage goes. She kept apologizing for being clumsy and such. Apologizing. She's just too nice. And while she couldn't hardly talk due to the pain, she asked how we liked the sample formula she'd sent us to try with Braska. I said we could talk about that later... seems unimportant at that moment. Her truck is still in the driveway for now. I'm praying all is ok in short order.


  1. I'm praying right now that she is in good hands and all is well.

  2. yikes! you all sure have had enough *excitement* the past few weeks! hope she recovers quickly :(

  3. Wow...prayers for her recovery!

  4. Oh dear. You do keep it exciting at your place don't you? Will pray for her. Hope she is ok.


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