Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Invention possibility??

Snot diaper. Mucus catcher. Goo grabber. Something to attach to the face to save the multiple boxes of tissue we’re going through.

I don’t know what I’d call it, but I am losing my mind at the constant snot coming out of Braska’s face. It is literally nonstop, and it’s coming out her eyes too. That is BEYOND gross. It’s not like the pink eye goo, but just like thick snot showing up in her eye corners every 10 minutes.

What in the world?!?

I can’t tell you how frustrated I am at this constant sickness/snot. It’s actually making me angry. I’m tired of the piles of used tissues everywhere because we can’t have enough trash cans around to hold them. I’m tired of the shiny streaks of junk on the couches, chairs, every piece of clothing, and carpeting. Just the sound of the snot bubbles is making me want to throw things. It’s so maddening.

Clearly, there are people who are dealing with more. I get that. I know this isn’t truly the end of the world. But for 4 solid months I’ve been totally unable to do anything about this mess of a little girl and all the mini-messes she leaves everywhere. The teeth-grinding is making me crazy. I’ve had to put her in other parts of the house in order not to start pulling my hair out. I am past the sanity line.

It’s not my thing to share my weaknesses, but I’m failing miserably at getting through this gracefully. I can’t stand when I feel out of control like this, and it makes me so angry. Angry is a word that’s useful alot lately, and even THAT makes me angry. I’ve been in tears, I’ve yelled, I’ve slammed car doors and just walked out of the house a few times to breathe deeply without hearing the incessant grinding and gurgly inhaling. It doesn’t help that I’ve been sick too, that Kinlee is more than her normal grouchy self thanks to teething molars, or that M is generally less than hands-on helpful. ( In fairness, if I ask, he will usually pitch in for a moment.)

Tonight is the sleep study for Braska. I’m fearful that they’re going to refuse to do it because she’s so congested, but there’s nothing we can do about that. I’m going to lose it if they won’t do the study. I want those tubes, I want the tonsils and adenoids out.

But mostly I want to figure out WHY all the snot is everywhere and will not quit.

We have no answers. No one knows what’s causing it. I keep hearing that we need to figure that out, but no one has any plan for how to do that. Yesterday we got out of the house for a couple hours and she was less snotty while we were out and about. So is it the house? How do we know? What do we test? How in the heck do we find out what the cause is? Can it be fixed with cleaning? Do we rip out the carpet just to try something?

Tell me how to fix it and I will do anything!!!!!!

Enough griping. There’s more snot to clean up.


  1. oh RK, I'm praying for you all right now - it is hard, it is frustrating, on so many levels. you are a normal person with normal reactions to frustrating behaviors - wish saying that to you would take it all away.

    I would really start documenting the differences between outside and inside though - I think determining if it is something in the house would be a necessary step...

  2. So sorry about the slimy mess. UGH! Hang in there it will get better. No miracle answers for you sorry...
    Has she had any allergy testing or tried claritin or zyrtec? Aidan uses claritin daily and it really helps him keep from being a constant sniffler.
    Good luck.

  3. Rk, this is...exactly...EXACTLY how I felt with G last winter/spring. Really, I TOTALLY understand. We had been in lock-down away from all, and we were STILL dealing with snot constantly from G. This year is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! (KNOCKING WOOD!!!) She's had little colds and stuffy noses, but nothing out of the ordinary. The things I credit in the turnarounds are:

    1. First and foremost adenoids out.
    2. Adding zinc to her diet.
    3. Maybe because she was so exposed last year she has built up a tolerance?

    I will suggest you call the sleep study folks before going out of your way to go there. Oue center required G not to be sick for at least a week before her study was done. Otherwise, you can't get an accurate reading. I know you want it done (we were literally in quarantine so G would stay healthy before the test), but I just don't want you to waste your time if they won't do it.

    Good luck. I know this is the pits.

  4. P.S. We were also convinced it was our house. We don't have any carpet and a brand new HVAC system though....so....I dunno.

  5. Oh, we also did allergy panels and had G on daily claritin or zyrtec. Started with C but it put her in a lousy mood so we switched to Z. She also had a daily does of benedryl...helped a LITTLE, but not entirely.

  6. Okay I am going to just tell you what I think here. Sorry but I can tell you need help!
    First of all the teeth grinding. I have no idea what to say about that. Does it get better when the sinus stops? It obviously is something causing it. I wish I knew more about what all was going on so I might could help.

    Second of all! I am very concerned about the sinus or Upper Respiratory Symptoms.
    It could just be allergies that is causing it. If this had of just started I would say it was allergies but she should still have it when she goes outside, and also it seems like it has been going on all winter long.
    Now comes to the part that really peaked my interest is that it does seem to get better outside of the house.
    It could very well be something in your home causing it. The first thing that comes to mind with me is Mold. YES it can cause constant Upper Respiratory symptoms. It could be anywhere in your home and you might not know it was there.
    I know that money is tight in your home and I so understand that totally, but unfortunately you probably should have your home tested for mold and whatever they test for. I have no idea what it cost but you do need to have a professional do it.
    I would not just rip of the carpet and change it out. First it is costly and second that might not be the true underlying issue.

    My nephew was always having headaches but seem to get better when he went to school or out of the house for a while, his Mother had the sinus issues. Finally a Doctor told them to have their home tested for mold. Sure enough there was mold in the attic area that they could not seen and was spreading in the walls. Of course they had it treated (insurance paid for it) and now several years later they are doing just fine.

    It sounds like she really could benefit from having her tonsils and adeniods taken out, and at this point it sounds like she needs the tubes in her ears. But if it is something in the home these alone may not help.


  7. hi there,

    my son had the same issue with the phleghm and snot!! my doctor put him on the singulair like nebraksa! and also put him on a preventor inhaler and it totally cleared up the phleghm and mucus, wow sounds good!! its beclamethasone and he also taked ventolin maybe you could mention it to the doctor. I also need to tell you about the most amazing sheets in the world, I was the same as you worrying about the carpets etc i got a duvet cover and pillow and matresss cover, now I got them here in Ireland but Im sure you'd have an equiv over there, they basically don't allow any dust mites through and they stop any allergies, as soon as we started using them I noticed a difference if you're interested email me and I'll send you the info on them! louise.a.doyle@gmail.com

    don't worry eventually they grow out of it, i know it's awful hearing that now and i used to hate hearing that too, but at least you know there's light at the end of the tunnel!

    Also have you wormed Nebraska, I don't know if you do this in the US, BUT here we give a worm dose to kids over 2 its called VERMOX I can give you the active ingredient if you need it, as teeth grinding is a symptom that your child could have threadworm whch Im sure you know aren't to worry about but it would trat them, also check to see if she has a stale smell on her breath because that's also a sign sadly the pharmacist told me this when my son had worms!!! ugh, I paint a lovely picture but they are supposed to be so easy to pick up from other kids!!! ugh ao glad to not be a kid anymore!!!

    anyway good luck
    Louise xx

  8. heyps I told you about the sheets, just checked my sons hey are called Astex anti allergy sheets, they are made in the UK BUT you could probably get them in the US they are just great I noticed me cut out infections so quickly after using them I know they are expenxsive but think how much the doctor's bills are!!!

    Louise xx


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