Tuesday, March 30, 2010

html+css=Fun! (Subtitle: geek wannabe)

I’ve spent far too much time lately on blog designs, learning html code for adding fonts (and downloading TONS of fonts) to various parts of the blogs, changing the html code to create various three column formats, and adding post dividers.  Some of these fun new things can be seen at Braska’s blog, and the layout changes can be seen at Dashlyn’s blog.  I’m working on several makeovers for other friends, and I’ll link to them when they’re done. It’s really becoming addictive to marry my digiscrapping obsession with learning the html and css coding. 

I could do this for hours a day, and occasionally do if I have a chance, but I’m neglecting other things.  Everything in moderation…  but wow, it’s so fun to see things take shape, and to make the blogs feel like they’re different instead of the cookie cutter Blogger thing.  Not that it’s bad to be basic, but I like to be unique.  I’ve got a long way to go to be anything more than hobby amateur, so I’ll be glad to practice a lot.

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  1. Super cute. I need to hang out with you for some lessons.


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