Friday, March 19, 2010

Privileged to pray for Toby

Reece’s Rainbow has a great program, Prayer Warriors, which matches a volunteer to a child, so that someone specifically is praying for that child every day until they find a home. I’ve known about this for some time, but I keep forgetting to get with it and ask for a child to be assigned to me.

So this week I did, and yesterday in the mail I received news of my new “project.”


Meet Toby. One truly adorable little guy. He’s about 5 months old, living in Eastern Europe in an orphanage. His birthday is only 5 days after mine! Is he just precious or what?!?

So every day I will be praying for little Toby, that he finds a family, and that he is safe and loved until that time. And I have a picture on my fridge to remind me, besides just showing me how cute he is.

I’m also praying for and trying to raise money for Zoe still.

Though I can’t physically bring one of these little ones home, I can definitely take a few minutes out of my day to plead with God on their behalf. Do you have a few minutes to spend to change a child’s life as well? Let Charissa at Reece’s Rainbow know, and she’ll be happy to send you information about your little special prayer buddy.

Some can adopt, many can give, but we ALL can pray.

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  1. Awesome idea, thanks for sharing this RK. I didn't know they did this.


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