Friday, March 5, 2010

Exciting news (almost) in our family

Jack’s going to have a little sister!!! Woo hoo!  Julie and Allan have committed to and started the process of adopting little Dasha from Eastern Europe through Reece’s Rainbow!  Her name will be Dashlyn Belle, which I think is SO neat.  This has been on Julie’s heart for some time, and it is now so very neat to see them finally able to move forward!

Grab This Button

Be sure to visit their adoption blog here (put it in your reader, Reader users), grab the button above to add to your blog or your Facebook page, and spread the word that another little one has a Mommy and Daddy on their way to get her soon!  Of course, if you’d like to donate to the costs of bringing her home, they’d more than appreciate that as well.

I’m kind of living my adoption dreams vicariously through my friends, and this family is practically family to us, so I’m really happy for them and can’t wait to get to see this little doll smile and play with my girls as they all gang up on Jack.  She’ll be Braska’s new best girlfriend. Can’t wait!

Congrats Julie and the rest of the fam…and many prayers for a smooth process!


  1. GET OUT! SO COOL! How old is she? Where is she? Eeeeek! Okay, going to go to RR & check her out!

  2. I will ever be grateful for your help and support! Thanks for the cheerleading!

  3. Yeah that is awesome! We will be praying for them as they add to their family.


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