Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kinlee: 13 months, "Baby" on the move

Kinlee's really showing herself to be running straight for toddlerdom. She is signing and "saying" (approximations) lots of things now. She signs daddy, more, please, eat, milk, yes, all done, and dog. She has consistent words/sounds for daddy (da), mommy (mama), belle (bubba), milk (muh), hair (ha), sissy (sisis), no (nah), yes (yah), shoe (shuh) and eat (eah, with a short sound at the end, but no T). Her more word-like words are hat, uh-oh, bye, and hi. When Baby Signing Time is on, she rocks her little "baby" self like crazy, as shown below...

She is also doing well with her walking, increasing her steps a few each day, it seems. Today she went 12 or 13 steps at a time, a few separate times. But these are from last night, and she was tired, but still...it shows how much she likes to try again and again.

She is really loving her increased mobility and manages to get into just about everything she has access too.

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