Monday, March 15, 2010

The eyes have it too

Nice, huh?  This is me right now.  Wanna guess how it feels??

Over the last 10 days, Braska has had pink eye, Kinlee got it, of course, and this is how I woke up today. 

The fun part is that this isn’t the worst of my current health situation.  Wednesday evening I started feeling like it was coming.  You know, when you can tell you’re going to get sick, but it’s just torturing you by coming on nice and slow.  It drives me crazy.  Nothing I can do but wait for it.  Thursday I had a sore throat, not a “normal” one, but way more painful.  It got worse throughout the day.  That night was very un-fun.  Nothing would help the throat. Not ibuprofen, not Tylenol, not Chloraseptic, not cough drops, not gargling salt water, not even straight salt on the throat.  (Yeah, I was ready to try anything.) 

By Friday morning, I was feeling beyond just “under the weather.” I can’t imagine the girls having this.  How miserable they would be and how would they tell me?  My mom was coming by that day already, so I packed up the girls and sent them with her for the weekend. 

It was a very good thing I did.  Not only did I get progressively worse—aches, cold/hot cycle, HORRIBLE throat pain, congestion, ears full of fluid, and sharp ear pain—but M found out that he had to work all weekend, so he wouldn’t have been available to help with the girls. 

I managed to get out for a while Saturday, watching a game while M worked it, keeping about 30 feet from everyone. I literally sat by myself with about 30 seats around me on all sides in the arena.  But I’ve felt worse as the weekend went along.  By this morning, when I woke up with my eyes all matted and gross, after sleeping not very much EVEN though I took Nyquil, I was ready to see the doc.

This morning at 9, I showed up at my doc’s office.  No one was there, he saw me on the spot, and I headed to the pharmacy to get a Z-pack.  He diagnosed me with an “atypical bacterial” infection, and he said he’s seen a few cases last week, so he expects it’s spreading and will be popping up in our area a lot.  He felt like the eye issue was related and wasn’t actually pink eye/conjunctivitis.  So he said just let him know if it got worse. 

I’ve been sleeping today, up a few times to move to the couch for a while.  But my eyes have been getting worse all day.  I got ready to go pick M up from work, and as I was washing my hands in the bathroom, I glanced up at the mirror.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. (ha…kinda funny)  So I called the doc again, thankful that he answered the phone after his hours were technically over.  I made it clear my eyes were much worse and were very uncomfortable. He called in antibiotic drops for me.

So far, I’m not feeling better yet.  I had planned to go get the girls today, but clearly that’s not going to work.  Tomorrow is not looking great at this point, but we’ll see how I feel in the morning.  Thank goodness this is Braska’s spring break week.

I can only tell you that this is miserable.  Really seriously miserable.  I’d give just about anything to get rid of this throat pain.  It just never stops, and swallowing is the worst. 

Sanitize, people.  NO ONE wants this thing, let me tell ya.


  1. Bummer, so sorry. Alayna & I had pink eye in fun! But, the drops worked in just a day we were feeling better. Good luck, get some much needed rest and we will pray you are better tomorrow.

  2. That looks bad enough to catch through the computer, if it goes viral. ha, bad joke. I hope you get better fast.

  3. Oh my goodness, I really hope you feel better really soon!

  4. I'm hoping it's the early stages of a genetic mutation that will give you super powers.

  5. Oh crap... we had that one. All except for Edgar. It was nasty, hope yours disappear way faster than ours did.

  6. RK.. I know how you feel.. I woke up yesterday with my eyes red and gross.. and it still continues today and I have been putting the drops in since yesterday morning.. (not the first trip down pink eye row..) Hope you get feeling better..


  7. Oh my! That makes my eyes hurt! Hope you get to feeling better soon! Mattie had pink eye about a month ago, but it wasn't near that bad. Ouch!


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