Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sleep Study. Check.

I’m exhausted, but so many of you have been looking for an update… I can’t live with myself if I keep you waiting.  I’m a pleaser. It’s rough sometimes.

Tee hee. I jest.

The study went well, as far as I can tell.  Donna, the tech, was great and said they got what they needed. She doesn’t give results, of course, as the doctors will look it over and give an official report.  BUT she did say that she didn’t notice concerning pauses.  I was surprised because Braska pauses a lot when she sleeps, it’s almost like she’s holding her breath for a few seconds. 

Get this…did you know that for them to be concerned, the pause in breathing needs to be 20 seconds?!?  20 seconds?!? 

That’s a long time, if you ask me.  I’d be freaking before I got to 15 if I was counting.  Of course, if the patient is having dips in the oxygen saturation numbers (desatting), that would also cause concern.  Donna did say that Braska did not have any desatting during the night, so that is great. 

Honestly, at this stage, I’m wondering if the study will show any problem at all.  And though it’s good NOT to have a problem, I would like to have some answers, and if we don’t get them here, I’ll still need to find them.  Oh well, we’ll deal with that when we get there.

Our ENT, who ordered the study, doesn’t have OR time until June 2.  This does NOT make me happy.  They’re working on getting him more time freed up, and I’m hoping they succeed.  For now, we have scheduled surgery for June 2 tentatively.  We just wanted to get on the books so we don’t have to wait longer, and in the meantime, we’ll wait for the results, the doctor or nurse will call, and we’ll decide at that point exactly what is going to be done at the procedure—just tubes, or tubes along with tonsils and adenoids, or leave the tonsils and lose the adenoids and add the tubes.

We’re in a waiting game for now. 

I expressed clearly how much school she is missing, how I do NOT want to wait til June to take care of this.  There’s not too much that can be done, but I’m going to stay on top of it just in case.

The good news is that she did great with the sleep study. She was a true gem.  Donna said she was the best patient she’s had in a year, and that includes kids up to age 12. So that makes me proud.  I can’t believe she tolerated all that stuff and slept.  Granted, she was up several times, as is her norm, but that’s good too so that they could get a true picture. 

I’m glad it’s over. And I’m thankful that we were able to do it.  Now to try to be patient for the results and next steps.


  1. Glad it went so well. Hope the report comes back quickly and gives you the answers you are looking for. Also, hope they get her in for surgery before June. WOW that is a long time.

  2. RK,
    I meant to send you this in an email and forgot, so while I'm thinking about it:
    For Braska's unexplained snot/ seriously could be the house you live in now. I have serious allergies and I have to be careful everytime we move into a new house. Have your heating and air unit CLEANED. If the previous owners had pets (especially cats), the dander(from the pet hair and such) gets stuck in your heating and air unit and everytime they cut on, it blows the dander throughout your house. Pet dander can stay in a heating/air unit for TWO YEARS once the pets are out of the house. It sounds crazy, but it is true. We had a home inspector show us how it works one time. Needless to say, I now require that the units be cleaned(on the inside...the stuff you can't see..not the filters) by a professional before we move in to a new house. Carpet is also horrible, so I'm on your side with the getting rid of the carpet argument!
    Just wanted to mention the heating/air unit thing in case it was something that you didn't know about.


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