Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not a spring chicken after all

This was mid morning.  She was pretty chill and quiet this morning, but smiles were there.  (Note the shirt…spring chicken…funny.  Thanks Amy and/or Jen!)

This is about 5:30p. 

She stayed there for a while, then sat up, scooted over a little, and…

Something’s not right.  She has a fever of 100.5, which is quite significant for her generally cool normal temp. 

My issue: She is on day 4 of her Omnicef, Zyrtec, Singulair, and Nasonex combo.  She has been very obstinate and difficult at school this week—though she was a little better today, according to report.  She’s only going half-days (90 mins) at school this week, on advice from the doc to give her more rest and time to strengthen from all this illness. Her congestion is better, though she’s still pretty snotty.  It’s been nice to have her sleeping better, breathing quietly while sleeping, and I’m pleased with that improvement.  So until the fever today, I was a fan of the new regimen.  And I have no hard evidence that any medicine is causing her personality changes.  But I don’t like unknowns.

Could it be that she’s just 3, as far as her behavior?  Sure.  But combined with the other issues, who knows. 

Oh, and she has not wanted to walk tonight, while she’s had her fever.  She won’t hardly sit up, and will NOT stand or walk.  She’s been loving walking, since she’s progressed so well, and has been spending more time on her feet.  Then yesterday at school, and before school even, she wasn’t wanting to walk.  She did do ok at school, bearing weight some, but she was throwing things and yelling her protests, not cooperating, all very unlike her.

Once again, no answers, but something in my gut feels like something’s just not right.  I’m about ready to have some blood work run, just to make sure nothing odd shows up.  I called the dr tonight that we saw on Saturday, so we’ll see if she calls me back. I told them it wasn’t urgent, so it might be tomorrow.  Hopefully she’ll perk up soon.

Thoughts or ideas anyone?


  1. Possibly the zyrtec? Aidan was a grump on it so we went back to claritin (equate brand of course :)
    Our OT said her son had a weird behavior change on it too.
    Good luck hope she is up and running again soon.

  2. Poor baby girl... you all have had a really rough winter/sickness season. I know that some of these allergy meds can make a person agitated... and the 3 year old stage for the boys was always far worse than the "terrible twos"... and when a person's not feeling well they are just going to be grumpy - so yeah, I'm no help. I'll pray that the doctors can help you find some definitive answers, and that everything will calm down for you all!

  3. Trust your parental "gut feelings". You know her best. If she's running fever and not acting right, something is NOT right. Perhaps she is over-medicated...?

  4. My only thought for her not wanting to be on her feet/legs is that when I was a little girl and got fevers, my legs ached so bad I would just cry. My dad had to carry me wherever I went because I simply would not walk. So that could be that factor. As far as the grumpiness is concerned, it's probably the allergy meds. I took my kids off those and decided that the allergies were better than the side effects from the meds. Hope you get everything resolved soon!

  5. Sorry to hear that she is not feeling well and it does not sound right to me either. What bothers me is that she is not wanting to sit up or stand much at all. I honestly feel that she her legs and possibly back is hurting her other wise she would be up like she was.
    I think you need to get her back to that new Doctor ASAP and let them look at her like she is. Something is off and it needs to be addressed now.
    By the time you get this you may have already been to see the Doctor which is a good thing.

    Please let us know how she is doing. Poor thing has had a rough winter and needs a break.



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