Thursday, March 18, 2010

The impatient shall be made to wait

After my visit with the doctor today, I've got no new plan. He says wait. He says it will get better. He says I must give it time. It's been 8 days now. I feel like that's plenty of time.

The ear is just plain driving me nuts, but I'll survive. If it's not better by Monday, I'll be perched on his doorstep again insisting on a more definitive plan. There's got to be some way to get this fluid out of my ear...

And he says the ear issue is causing the throat pain...drainage down the back of my throat.


KiKi comes home tomorrow, Braska's on the mend, though slowly. I've got a lot to get done this weekend. We'll see if I have the energy to get it all accomplished.

For one positive point...BrocChick total: 27 lbs.


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