Thursday, March 4, 2010

BrocChick Journey: 6 1/2 weeks

(If you’re just joining us…here’s the backstory.)

I keep wanting to get on here and update, document for later, etc.  But I always have something that is higher on the priority list.  That will probably continue to happen, so I’m going to try to do a quick blurt out of some info and tips that some have asked about.

~I’ve lost 21 lbs so far, and I’m not burnt out yet.  That’s pretty amazing. I’ve made a few tweaks to the deal, but the basic plan is still in place. More on that later.

~The Wii Fit has become a very expensive scale and spreadsheet-keeper to document my progress.  I need to find a time that I can make a workout work.  It’s been frustrating that neither early or late or while the girls are up OR when they’re napping has worked for a variety of reasons.  Most of them are named Kinlee, though.  Julie and I have done a little walking, but we need to do better.  I’d be making more progress if I could kick up my exercise, that’s for sure.

~I’m feeling much better overall, and that’s been the case since about day 5.  It’s not like I bounce off the walls with energy, but I can tell I’m just functioning better in general.

~My new favorite breakfast is an Earthgrains Thin Bun (same as Arnold Sandwich Thins basically) in Multigrain done as french toast via 1 egg white.  The Plan calls for breakfast to be 2 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal (prepared), and 1 cup milk.  I took Aunt Doris’s advice and first made the egg whites and oats, with a splash of milk, cinnamon, and Splenda into a pancake-ish thing.  It wasn’t bad at all… I did that for a couple weeks, every morning.  But THEN someone gave me these Thin Buns, 4 pkgs of them (I was ecstatic!!) and I got to comparing.  The oats have more calories and more carbs with less fiber than the Thin Buns, so I substitute the Thin Buns and I run them through a mixture of 1 egg white, cinnamon, Splenda, and occasionally a tiny bit of milk whisked in.  It’s the perfect amount of egg coating, cooked up in a pan with spray oil, and the cinnamon and Splenda makes it down right enjoyable.  If I really need something else and I won’t be able to have my apple for morning snack that day, I might put a spoonful of unsweetened applesauce on for a topping.  But not usually.  This also works well with Healthy Life 100% Whole Wheat Bread…those slices are even less calories and carbs.  But the end product is not quite as yummy, in my opinion.

~Broccoli Slaw is another fave of mine lately.  It’s at WalMart and a few other grocery stores around, maybe everywhere. It’s with the bagged lettuce and such.  In a small bag.  It’s just shredded broccoli stalks with a touch of carrot and red cabbage, but it works GREAT as a substitute for a lettuce salad.  I like to put a few little bits of tomato and sometimes a bit of avocado in with the broccoli slaw, add some onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper and mix it all up.  It never gets old.  Occasionally I will shred some chicken up in there too…  If you haven’t tried Broccoli Slaw, it’s a great option for a good, filling, crunchy way to get your vegetables with lots of ways to kick it up a little.

~For my meats, I’m still doing mostly chicken breasts, some tilapia, salmon, and rarely turkey.  I keep roasted chicken deli meat in the fridge and if I’m in a hurry…which is often at least during lunch…then I grab a handful of the chicken, roll it in some romaine or spinach leaves and that’s lunch.  Eat on the run, but better than a burger.

~I still often crave a big juicy burger with all the fixin’s and fries.  But I haven’t caved yet.

~I’ve had 3 “free” days so far, planned days off, and even on those days I’m pretty darn careful.  Other than those days, I’ve been right on track, and it hasn’t been bad at all.

~Unfortunately, this isn’t for everyone… Julie’s had a hard time mostly because she’s got a houseful of people eating all the time and she has to be the one fixing for them.  And teenagers, they make it tough.  All they’re candy and pizza and bottomless bellies.  Melanie’s done well, though she doesn’t have much to lose because she has done the work for a few years now and looks great! My hero!  And Jen joined in for a bit, had a little success, too.  (She didn’t need much success to start with…little hottie.)  But I’m amazed that I seem the most unfazed by the whole thing… SO not like me, if I’d have predicted how this would go.  It’s really becoming my new normal.  Whoda thunk it?!?

So there ya go… if you have other questions, toss them out here and I’ll answer them.  It’s doable, people.  Not easy, but totally doable.


  1. i'm so proud of you. it's not easy work at all! after this baby i've got to do something to get back to my pre-wedding weight. it's depression to be this big. bleh!

  2. Happy with 5 lbs. in 1 week, but Man that was rough. So excited for you! You are doing great.

  3. Thank goodness for broccoli slaw! And 25 calorie diet hot chocolate! (And very occasionally cheating :D)

  4. You're doing super. I'm so proud of your determination. I knew you could do it! And you're helping others in the process -- so like you :o)


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