Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Phone pics: Crate, barrel, toys, pebbles

I take a lot of pictures on my phone, some video, and it lives there, unless I send it to one of a couple of people who might enjoy it and can receive those messages.  So when I noticed some cute ones tonight, I thought I’d share.

Did some shopping at a local warehouse boutique…also known as Rachel’s storage unit.  I just thought the stacks  of Crate & Barrel boxes (this was only one of at least 3) were too funny.  Wedding presents unopened because they have no place to put them yet.  Next on the checklist for them, buy a house.  BUT I found an entertainment center and got a GREAT deal!

I had a whim and acted on it. That’s not always wise in my experience, but we’ll see how this one goes.  I put Kinlee’s bed in Braska’s room and made Kinlee’s room a playroom.  I quickly realized that 9 x10 is not that much space for so many toys, but they are loving it.  A further toy purging is to follow very soon.

Pretty self explanatory… goofing around with KiKi and self portraits. She thought the shutter sound was pretty funny.

I managed to get Kinlee’s hair in a little “sprout” or Pebbles ‘do.  She didn’t mind it nearly as much as I thought she might.  It’s not doing anything but sticking straight up, but it’s kind of silly cute.



  1. Great pics! Thanks! OK to put them in FB album of the girls?

  2. Wow, lots of changes, Kinlee's cute hairstyle and YOU! I saw your pic with Kinlee and immediately pictured you back in your early college years or maybe even high school. You look amazing! Can I borrow some of your youth potion?? :o)


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