Friday, October 10, 2008

Quick list: Props and perspective

I really SO need to be doing other things than sitting here on the computer. So I'll be succinct...

~Thanks for the comments to the economy post. That's why I asked. I didn't mean to sound smug, I just really don't have a personal connection to this crisis that they keep talking about. As I mentioned in a follow-up comment, my family is a bunch of preachers, on both sides, and there's not alot of retirement accounts and 401Ks or 403Bs to be had in the small town church budgets, so it's more a work-and-earn situation, and they will all be working til they die, probably. Therefore, I haven't thought much about the repercussions of those elements. So thanks to you guys who shared. I'm still not panicking, but I see why there's concern.

~On a nice note--Gas is under $3/gal today here!! Woo hoo again!

~For the props... in my post on laundry, I mentioned that I do all the laundry, etc, etc. And that has generally been true. BUT I want to be fair and say that M has been SUPER helpful this past week in managing the laundry downstairs, washer, dryer, hanging, even folding!! Yay!! This is no small thing, and it deserves mentioning. Thanks, babe!


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