Tuesday, October 21, 2008

31 for 21: 20 Baby Galleries!!

Back in September, we were happy to find out that Braska had been included in the 3rd gallery of the Parenting.com A Special Joy: Babies with Down Syndrome. There are now 20 galleries! 20!! How great is that!?! And we know so many of those cuties...that's pretty cool, I think!

Check out all 20 from here.

Can I just ask a favor of those of you who don't have kids with DS but have blogs? As October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, would you be willing to post a little something with the link to the gallery page? It's kind of to be expected that those of us "in the club" would be all over it, but I think it would be a neat extension of the awareness aspect if we could spread the word via non-DS related blogs as well. We like to show off our kids, sure. But it would mean alot to have those who have been impacted by our kids to put in a plug for them as well.

Thanks, really.

(Side note: The Gallery page is down for a bit this afternoon, but it should be back shortly.)


  1. I added a blurb on our blog, but for some reason I can't get the gallery of photos to come up on parenting.com.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for the link to your one year anniversary. I read every post for each day! That was really great for my husband and I to see. THANK YOU< THANK YOU! My mom doesn't think I should take any pics of her when we're in the hosptial....but that is the very reason I want to. Seeing others people's pics has really helped to prepare us. Thanks for sharing! And thank you for your prayers!

  3. i love looking at all the galleries...i can't remember which one henry is in. but there are so many cute kids!


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