Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank goodness for ABC?

I'm thankful for many things every day. Today, a highlight is cable television , and surprisingly enough, ABC tv! I'd have never thought ABC would be high on my list, but tonight, thank goodness. And luckily, Pushing Daisies is on at 7pm.

At least no one is wasting huge amounts of money or anything in this time of financial crisis. Holy Cow.


  1. I hear you. No cable here and the rabbit ears don't get ABC, so I'm left with America's Next Top Model.

  2. Yes, indeed! And if you stick around until 8 you can watch some pretty good smutt on Private Practice. Ooops did I just out myself...eek.

  3. I suppose I'd feel the same if it were McCain's 30 minute program. Alas, I sat through it all with hope floating to the top like cream.
    Love your flaming liberal friend,

  4. Hey JRS, I'd feel the same way if it were McCain too...anyone who can spend that kind of money to talk about themselves for 30 mins when we've been hearing about him for almost 2 years is not for me, no matter what their name or affiliation. It's just ridiculous. Even a few around here who were in that camp said it went over the line and they've bailed... pretty interesting.

    PS...I don't think you're nearly as flaming as I once might have. You're wising up. :o)

  5. Yes.. ABC is a favorite in our house too, especially when Lost is on....well....that is until Jack Bauer comes back and then ABC is tied with Fox, that is, when he is sticking it to terrorists.

    Do you think Jack Bauer would vote for Obama? Just curious.......gotta go watch Pushing Daisies:)


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