Friday, October 3, 2008

31 for 21:Blank on Day 3?

I had good intentions of making good use of my 31 posts for this month, like talking about DS in an educational way, informing and helping the uninformed understand, but it's not looking promising for the next few days at least. I hope the whole month isn't going to be this crazy.

Today we spent most of the day getting ready for a big family garage sale tomorrow. Let me just state that I *hate* garage sales. I don't like to have them, and I don't like to go to them. Some seem to really have a knack for these things, but it's not me. But since we have a dear couple members of our family who really need to get rid of some big items and some who need some cash instead of junk, I thought I'd throw my stuff in, thinking it would be better to have a more substantial sale. Granted, the stuff I'm contributing is straight up junk in my opinion, for the most part. I'd have thrown it all away if I'd had my way, but my mother, queen of garage sales, decided it was worth storing it all and doing a sale. So she moved it all down to my in-laws place last weekend so we could get things ready today.

We've got alot of stuff, much of it good stuff, on the whole. But I'm not sure we'll see the traffic necessary to get rid of our things. I hope so. I'd like to see it all go. My stuff is priced DIRT cheap. I'm not in it for the money, just to get rid of things. Nothing is coming home with me. Period. If it's not sold, I'll have one of these places come get it who will sell it for their organization. I'm not loading it up and moving it again. There's even a FREE box, and it will probably be refilled throughout the morning.

So tomorrow morning, we head to South County for the fun to begin. I'm not sure how getting Braska up at 5:30 am is going to work, but we'll see. Hopefully she'll go right back to sleep, but I kinda doubt it. I hope it goes well. It's going to be a long day. But I hope it turns out that those who need to make some dough are pleased with the sale. If you're in the area and wanna come say hi.... 270 and Tesson.


  1. you sound like my kind of garage saler - I don't take the time to do them either - too much trouble. I put all that stuff out on our curb a day early last week and most of it was picked up by dumpster divers - that makes me feel better than putting it out on a table and asking for money - I wish I had that knack of selling things, but I don't, it makes me kind of anxious.


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