Saturday, October 25, 2008

31 for 21: Ain't it kinda funny?

We're all wanting to be good little advocates, and it is a priority of mine to put a good and real perspective of life with Down syndrome "in the house." But we're all so busy just living life with our little ones that we're too busy to talk about how we're doing it. Funny.

And I guess, as many have said better than I, that's the point. Yes, we were shocked. Yes, I thought life was (cue the dramatic movie music) *forever changed.* And yes, there have been some things to figure out, to say the least. But the beauty is, you don't have to figure it all out at once. You get to wake up just one day at a time, like everyone else. And ya know what's crazy?? Life goes on. We do what we do, and we find it to be so much beyond more enjoyable than what we thought. PLUS, we have these ridiculously cute kids to play with in the meantime!

Just wish I could bottle this and share it with all those who are a few paces behind and still freaking out. It sure would've done me some good a couple years ago.


  1. EXACTLY. :) It feels great, doesn't it?

  2. Agreeing completely!


  3. So awesome :) Hey..I have been meaning to are you feeling? And, I gave you something on my blog :) Muah!

  4. I so agree.
    And I hope that we're helping those along who are behind us,'s kind of like a chain...we can always hope that those a little behind us are encouraged by what they see.

  5. You're right, and I love the pic. ---Jen

  6. I think that is why mamas like you need to be advocates :)
    You could give comfort to so many worried mamas.

  7. This thought just popped intho my head too...When they first said the words "twins" life as I knew it WAS over!! Now, I can't imagine my life without either little boy. I love them so much and my life is better because of each of them!!

  8. love that picture. she is starting to look older mommy!

  9. I wish you could bottle that cuteness:-)


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