Monday, October 20, 2008

31 for 21: Political traffic

Holy vote begging, Batman! Missouri is being sought after by both the big guys in this crazy a BIG way. For example, lets consider who was in my little corner of the state this weekend. (All this in the St. Louis metro area)

Saturday Obama was smiling and schmoozing on the Arch grounds. I didn't even know this til today, which is fine, but it's interesting because I drove right past the Arch twice on Saturday, once in the AM and once in the PM, and must have missed everything. Thank goodness I didn't get caught in that traffic!

Then today... this is just nuts!
~McCain was about 2 miles from my house here in St. Charles early this morning.
~Bill Clinton was at a rally in Kirkwood tonight.
~Dick Cheney was at a luncheon in Clayton today.
~Mike Huckabee was at a benefit dinner tonight here in St. Charles.

I'm surprised anyone could get anywhere today with all those motorcades roaming the streets.

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  1. I just learned today that McCain was in town over here at ate at a local BBQ restaurant over the weekend...I had no idea - but I live in a vacuum - yeah it sucks :o)


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