Sunday, October 19, 2008

31 for 21: Are you a Modern Mama?

Today I received info about this new business. The owner is a very cool young mom (and most DEFINITELY a "modern mama") who has a really adorable little girl, Karly, who is not quite a year old if I remember correctly. Little Karly has had problems with reflux for alot of her young life, and LeAnn has done a great job at finding ways to help by providing nutritious, homemade baby foods.

As of tomorrow, she's rolling it out to the masses. At least to the masses in the St. Louis metro area. Complete with 24-hour turnaround with delivery to your door! I know most of you aren't in our immediate area, but I also know that there are several who are... so check out her site, and you could always send her a note to see if she'll ship to you elsewhere, right?

I think it's cool when a mom sees a problem and really does her homework to find answers for herself and shares them with others. And LeAnn is a super nice person too, so I hope things go very well! If Braska would eat, I'd be all over it!!

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  1. Just think, if I would have had this service when Muncher was a baby, he might eat something other than cheese. Well perhaps not, but alas, Leann came along too late for me.


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