Wednesday, October 8, 2008

31 for 21: Freebirthing???

I've never heard of this thing until tonight on Discovery Health. And I can only say this from the commercial I saw... Are you nuts?!?!? Ewwwwwww!

For the record, in case I'm out of it when it comes time to deliver this kid that's baking. (And yes, the husband is VERY aware of these things.)

1. Every drug possible as soon as possible and as long as possible.
2. No mirror and no I won't reach down and help deliver my kid!
3. No baby on the chest until it's cleaned and wrapped and not sticky.

M has a few of his own...I'll let him share if he wants.

Maybe it's "in" to do the natural thing, but I don't want anyone thinking I'm in the "in crowd" if that's the case!


  1. uhhhh. AMEN, sister. i will never, I REPEAT NEVER understand women who want to do the whole "natural" thing. there is no part of me that wants to "experience" that.

  2. I'm on your bandwagon too RK. I have a couple of friends that did the home birth thing and in my mind that's just scary....give me the drs, the technology and the hospital "room service" afterwards! And your right no mirror, thank you. They did put the sticky child on my chest, but the child was covered with a towel and most of that time was just spent helping to wipe them up - still kind of yucky but heck its your baby so you kind of forget the yuckiness...for a moment - by the way, I'm going to try to get to your random questions today...

  3. Drugs please!! I wouldn't have survived without them, lol!

  4. I do have to say..I had three babies and no drugs with any of them. But I had relatively quick labors, so by the time I could scream for drugs, it was too late. I did have the last two in water, which was pretty awesome and did help with the whole icky sticky thing, but it's not for everyone I understand. But they did with all three try to get me to reach down and grab the baby or "Feel the babies head" and I was like...Uh, no thank you..I'm feeling it just fine now, and I am paying YOU to deliver this kid, so do your job! And home birthing? Heck no....Give me the hospital and the nurse to wait on me hand and foot for a couple days!


  5. Aww, I think you are missing out on a wonderful part of birthing if you don't want to have the baby on you immediately. :( I didn't want anyone to touch my babies before me. I'm the one that grew that baby, I want to see and touch him/her first.

    I had an epidural for my first birth and then no drugs for the other two. I'm a pain wimp, but found the pain from birthing to be impowering and worth it!

    As for homebirthing, attended or unattended, I love the idea but wasn't ever in a situation where it was medically safe for my child. If you have a typical pregnancy and expect a typical child, I think it would be wonderful to have a baby at home. Comfy bed, no hospital germs, no one nagging you every 2 hrs to take your blood pressure. Peaceful!

    To each their own, a momma has to do what feels right for her family.

  6. I had my first with no drugs and let me tell you my wish list looked like yours going in. No one was more surprised than me, ok maybe the prenatal class instructor, that I did it without meds but my delivery was quick and I am TERRIFIED of needles. Yes. that scared.

  7. When I had my oldest son, he came out so quickly, they kind of threw him up on my stomach and told me I could touch him. I remember saying, "can't somebody wipe him off first?". Yeah, kinda yucky. No mirror here either. On the other hand, I have relatively easy deliveries so the last 2 were drug free. It was okay 'til I found out Ty was 9 lbs. 5 oz. Then I almost fainted!

  8. Amen on the drugs!
    I have to say that with all the excitement I did get over the ick feeling of all the stickiness. Once they were born I wanted to hold them as soon as possible! I didn't expect it, but it didn't bother me at all.
    As far as at home and all, let's just say that I think there is a lot of mess to clean up and I am happy to have all the wonderful people at the hospital to take care of that. Plus just the peace of mind that if something is not right with the delivery, there is someone who can help, right now! No home deliveries for me:-)
    Oh and no mirror for me either, just can't do it.
    I know there a lot of people that say that it is so wonderful to go all natural, let me tell you, I really did have what I would call wonderful deliveries! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my anesthesiologist! What a wonderful man!!


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