Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm glad we got that straight

I found this and was so surprised. Not at the content, but because I've conducted some of the same kind of surveys with people here and there, just in conversation, and found it so amusing. I didn't know someone had taken it to the next level and aired them. It's short and entertaining, so take a listen. (Don't be startled by the picture or's not foul or anything.)

I'll grant you this, it may be the case for both sides...but in my personal and unscientific experiments, I've found that there are far more on one side who are "riding the wave" you might say without knowing what's in the water beneath them. That's dangerous surfing, you know.

Get informed. Vote. Good things. Just know what you're voting for.

(Thanks, MH!)


  1. Yikes! That is messed up. Some very confused people out there.

  2. Unfortunately, most people don't really research either candidate very thoroughly, on either side. They take what's said on TV and accept that it's the truth. Research is part of the political process! :)

  3. that would be really funny if the stakes weren't so very of the numerous reasons why our country is heading south - the uninformed citizen...

  4. Wow, that is sad. I wonder what they would have said if after those questions if they had told the people that they actually just said they were in favor of what McCain stands for. Wonder if they would have flipped and stuck with Obama.
    You know what I was thinking about when I was watching this. These people are picking a president the same way I pick a dentist. Check out their photo. If they look nice then I go with them. I mean cause no one wants a crazy looking dentist:-) I figure if they went to school for it it will be fine, but voting for someone is such a different issue.
    They don't have to have been educated for any one particular thing. They just have to get our vote. Which is why it is so important to know where they stand on the issues.
    Tuesday is going to be a crazy day!!!

  5. Good advice, RK: educate yourselves. Don't take the media's word; they have a problem with truth.

    Even fewer people know we have more than 2 legal, viable political parties in America. People say they want another option and don't realize that they do have one!

    Remember In His Steps? What would Jesus do?

  6. I've meet some pretty bad "sheep" church goers as well. They would do anything a pastor tells them too "just because." So i think when you select a small population, you manipulate the results as any good statistics person would tell you. Come on, really.

  7. I saw this one someone else's blog last week and laughed the whole way through! I couldn't believe those people who were interviewed as being for Obama. Especially 2 out of the 3 being asked, so if he's elected you wouldn't have any problem with Palin being VP? and their responses "oh no, not at all" You think he made a good choice picking her? "yes definitely" LOL


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