Wednesday, October 1, 2008

31 for 21: When did October get here?!?

Ok, I get Right. It's the 1st. But still. How did that happen?!?

Maybe it's because the last 5 months have been just about the busiest of my life so far, but this summer just plain flew. But it's ok. Fall is my favorite. I love the cool weather, the faint smell of fireplaces starting to float through the air, the changing colors (which we'll get to see more of here in MO than back in IL), and the comfy clothes that allow for hiding things. Bring it on!

What does October have in store? Of course, it's Down Syndrome Awareness Month, don't forget. Hmmmmm...what else? Well, we'll celebrate the 11th anniversary of my meeting M and being swept off my feet (give or take a trip and fall here and there...ha!), a family yard sale, there's my brother's 32nd birthday, the (hopefully) confirmation of Pepino's gender, my 35th birthday (what??????), Braska's last month-birthday before she's 2, and my mother-in-law's birthday. Oh, and Halloween. Then there's 2 doctor appointments for me, 2 for Braska, and 17 therapy appointments. I'm sure there are a bunch more fun events....we'll see as we go.

Welcome October!


  1. Gee, sounds like you have a boring month ahead... ha ha ha!

    I want to do one of your questions of the day soon. I always read them & answer in my head, just got too find time to get the fingers working.

  2. it looks like your october will be busy too! and full of a lot of fun celebrations!


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