Sunday, October 26, 2008

31 for 21: Distraction dancer

Sunday mornings at church are Braska's special time with Daddy. She sits with him, he holds her during the music and she dances like a crazy girl when the band gets going and claps right along with everyone else. She always attracts attention from those around, and sometimes I feel like she's gonna burst with excitement. Speaking of which, we could use a bit more of that at church, couldn't we?!

Anyway, this week, like most others, she was having a ball. One lady directly behind us played with her, waved at her, and when we sat down for the sermon, she played little games with her. She'd put her hand on the back on the chair, and Braska would push it away and smile. Over and over. (I hope she is a multitasker, because it was a really great message, so I'd hate for her to have missed anything.) Braska usually falls asleep for part of the quieter parts, and then wakes at the end to dance a little more before we go. I haven't figured out a way to discreetly video this fun...but I sure want to. It's the most animated she gets, and it's no wonder people are drawn to the giggles, wiggles, and smiles. Each week after church, as we leave, we always have at least 3 or 4 people come over to mention that they were watching her and just loved seeing her dance and cuddle with Daddy. I see it as a nice way that she makes people smile on a Sunday morning.

To hold you's this Sunday's fashion pic before church. It's one of my favorite new outfit combinations. Ralph Lauren and BabyLegs with a side of Old Navy and Gymboree shoes. Can't beat it!


  1. hmmmm...yah that is a tough one...bringing in the video camera during church. maybe you could sit way in the back or cut a hole out of your purse. haha. if you do videotape it i can't wait to see it. braska is too cute!!!

  2. that is one stylin' girl you have there and one great daddy/daughter routine to look forward to every Sunday at church!

  3. Love her style! I bet I'd be way more interested her at church, too.

  4. Braska has sent some fantastic pictures before, but this one is going to be one of my very favorites.

    Sorry about leaving the "not" out of my previous comment. My "proofreader" found and corrected it.

  5. Wow, she looks so grown up in that outfit - very cute.


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