Monday, July 19, 2010

The return of Plan A

I received a call this morning that Braska will be in class in the morning with her teacher from last year, the same one she was assigned to in the afternoon last week.  She’ll be in Miss N’s “early 3’s” class.  Basically, she’s repeating last year, so to speak, and I’m great with that.  She’ll enjoy meeting new kids, and then she can advance next year to 4’s (providing she’s ready…I don’t want to make assumptions).  Since her birthday is late, she gets basically 3 years in preschool anyway and will be almost 6 when she starts kindergarten.

We’ll plan on this for now.  If she starts with the constant illness again when school starts, we’ll shift gears.  I feel good about whatever we need to do.  That’s a good feeling.

Next stop on this ride, adenotonsilectomy on August 4.  The girls are at my parents’ for a few days this week, then we’ll hang out and enjoy the end of the summer before surgery. 


  1. I am so glad that you got the time and teacher that you wanted B to have.
    Ooo Aug 4th doesn't sound like too much fun. Will be praying for her.

    When does she start school?

  2. Been away. So I got to read the changes first. Glad it seems to be working out. One other question--have you considered a private preschool a couple mornings a week with her itinerant services through the IEP? May be less op to be exposed to germs, but she would still get to be with peers. Just a thought. Good luck with the surgery!!! Did something happen to make it a go?


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