Friday, July 9, 2010

A few more tidbits about me

  1. I’ve never been on a vacation with my husband. We’ve been on trips and they’ve been good trips, usually visiting family in other states, but we’ve never gone anywhere just for fun.
  2. I love audio books. I have them on my phone all the time. I’m on book 23 of “The Cat Who…” series by Lillian Jackson Braun. Light murder mystery, a little quirky, nice to have in my ears while I’m working around the house.
  3. One day, I’d like to be able to make one dinner that will feed all of us. Instead of making 4 meals like I do now.  It’s exhausting. Some days it is only 3 if Kinlee eats chicken and veggies with me.
  4. My dreams of how I would like my life to be are so simple compared to many others I hear.  I don’t need frills. I don’t need massages. I don’t need brand new cars. I’d love a comfortable budget for groceries, a car that runs without warning lights, the ability to go out with friends for lunch occasionally, and savings enough to ride out the little storms that arise.  And I’d like to have a place for a table and chairs someday, so we can sit down and eat every night. We are relatively close. We will get there.
  5. I could go crazy if given 30 minutes in an office/home improvement store to snag whatever I wanted to get.  Not the expensive stuff, electronics…that’s not what I want.  I’d grab all the tubs and drawers and folders and cute boxes and storage everything!  Oh what I would do with better organizational structure!
  6. When I was little, I often said my ideal “job” would be to just make cookies every day to take to “old ladies” and talk to them.  I still often wish that was what I did with my time. I’d love to spend my time making meals and baking goodies for sweet ladies who just can’t get around like they used to but who are so full of wisdom and experience in life.
  7. I do SO hope that one day soon I am able to have a digital SLR camera.  I’d love to learn about lighting and settings and how to take neat pictures, well, neatER pictures.  I’m often pretty pleased with the ones I get…except for all the shadows with the flash and such.


  1. I've had "The Cat Who.." series recommended to me. I guess now, I'll really need to check it out.

    I, too, SOOOOO want a DSLR. I can live without just about any other type of fancy technology, but I wish I had better pictures of my kids.

  2. I'm with ya on a few of these - of course I would love to be able to mess around and spend "extra" money on photography stuff... but with 4 mouths to feed there isn't much of that "extra" lying about :)

    I am still trying to convince my hubby that we need a childless vacation and I think I'm getting closer to convincing him - it only took almost 9 years... we'll see if I succeed.

    and yeah, I'm quite obsessed with cutsie storage containers and stationary and such - I alway say I'll be organized when my kids are grown :)

  3. Nice post. I got to know you a little more. :-)
    If you get a DSLR, I recommend the Canon Rebel XSi. That's what I have and I LOVE it!!

  4. In just a short time you will be able to make those cookies for the old ladies and take your beautiful girls to visit them. I'm sure any old lady would love to see you and the girls even without cookies! Very soon...


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