Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My latest crush

After searching for the dye-free Children’s Tylenol, it dawned on me last evening that I might be able to use regular adult tablets and cut and crush them.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, especially since this is what we did when Braska needed to take amoxicillin. (No dye-free available there either.) I’m going to blame my limited brain function due to sleep deprivation.

I talked to a pharmacist here locally and made sure it was all good, and then we cut the caplets to the right amount and crushed them, serving the powder in applesauce.  She took it really well.

So if you’re out and you find the dye-free liquid, still get it.  I’d like to have some for times when I’m not in a position to be cutting, crushing, and mixing.

Though Kinlee’s not had the fever as high as Braska, she has been up A LOT the past couple nights.  Saturday night it was every hour—on the :40 of the hour…how does she know that??—from the 9pm through 3am hours. Then up again at 6:30am, of course.  Sunday night, it was about 6 times, and she just seemed hysterical at times.  Then last night, she just wouldn’t go to sleep, or if she did, she was up again after about 20 minutes each time we put her in bed.  And this kid does NOT cry herself to sleep.  She’ll go for hours.  Last night, she ended up hanging with M a while from about 11:10pm, after I’d tried for over 2 hours to get her down for the night.  She’s generally an easy put-down, sing a few songs, pat pat, and leave the room.  So something is up.


And I’m back… had to take a break for Braska to puke all over me 3 different times. (This happens when she has lots of drainage—we’re not looking at a stomach bug/virus.)  Spaced out enough for me to change and clean up between them, of course.  Clearly we are not at school today.  Kinlee’s flowing snot like a faucet, and after her almost sleepless night, she’s not the MOST compliant little girl you’ve seen, let me tell you.

This morning I’ve received some great tips from friends, so THANK YOU to all of you who have texted and emailed and called. 

I’m well aware that this isn’t a disaster of major proportions, but it’s never fun to BE sick or have sick kids, and the combination of BOTH of those is enough to make me feel a tad on the brink today.  Always appreciate the encouragement from friends… you guys are great!

Gonna go get a bit of ice cream for the girls…cold on the sore throats and just the treat we need right now. I think it will hit the spot.


  1. Hope everyone feels better soon! Enjoy that ice cream!

  2. Bummer! So sorry everyone is under the weather...hope you are all feeling better soon!

  3. Enjoy your ice cream and I hope everyone gets better soon.


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