Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back on the bike

Got up early. Straightened the living room before I got them up. Made M's sandwich for lunch and kissed him goodbye. Then went to get them up.

Braska's still not feeling well, but she has moments where she seems to feel fine. Kinlee was only up twice last night, not for long each time, and this is an improvement over the previous nights.

Breakfast was waffle and scrambled eggs for Kinlee with a yogurt chaser, formula and then yogurt for Braska. All was well, and I thought we might be seeing the beginning of a pretty uneventful day.

Then came the vomit. Braska had a couple episodes again. Congestion and drainage in her throat caused it, I think, along with the fact that she was needing to "go peeyoooop" as she told me later. When her body tries to eliminate difficult things, the rest of it seems to have trouble functioning properly for a few moments.

We cleaned up twice, then headed for the bath. First she went potty and "peeyoooop" on the little potty, which was very nice. We celebrated. Then washed her up.

Now they are watching the oft-requested Baby Signing Time (Kinlee's favorite) while I take a 5 minute break before attacking the rest of the clean up from the icky episodes. Laundry to get started (on hot!), floors and high chair to sanitize.

It's a normal day. We're even gonna try to hit the store for a few groceries. I'm gonna have praise songs in my ears for much of the day to keep me from dwelling on little bumps in the road.

Gosh. This is ridiculous to have to talk myself through this stuff. But if that's what it takes TODAY, that's what we'll do.

Gotta run. Diaper Dance time. Everybody on the floor!


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