Monday, July 5, 2010

Personal Shopper? Anyone interested?

I have spent the last couple days looking for ANY PLACE that has dye-free Children’s Tylenol, or any generic acetaminophen option that’s dye-free.  There isn’t ANY to be had!  Even online I’ve struck out.  Thanks to the Tylenol recalls of late… grrrr.

Braska has a fever that won’t quit.  And her surgery is coming up soon, so we’re supposed to use Tylenol instead of the dye-free ibuprofen that we generally use. But that’s hard to do when I can’t find it!

So if you have a reason to be in a pharmacy area of the store you happen into in the next day or two, and if you see dye-free Children’s Tylenol or equivalent (NOT ibuprofen) please please PLEASE get it and I’ll buy it from you pronto and pay shipping to get it to me.

Thanks! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


  1. I've got to go grocery shopping tomorrow so I'll look while I'm out :-)

    There must be something going around. We know several kids that have had fevers lately.

  2. No good. Even after a recall you would think they would hurry and get the right stuff in the stores.

  3. hi rk
    funnily enough in a previous life before i had a baby i worked in pharmacy... i know we have a product here in Ireland called paralink and it is acetemetophen or as we call it here paracetemol, it is dye free and sugar freee basically its the colour of water do you want me to post you a few bottles for after braksa's surgery? hope she feels better soon, feel as if I know her now!! if you want me to send them on just email me your address and I'll do it for you no bother you'd have them in a couple of days and don't be silly about paying me, I'd gladly send them out they are not expensive at all, as long as Braska is ok we'd all love to help xx

    Love Louise xx

  4. oh for the previous post my email address is been a follower of yours about 6 months at this stage, my daughter Lauren is the same age as Kinlee and my son is 5 and a half so we got some stuff in common i think!
    talk to you
    Louise xx


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