Thursday, July 22, 2010

The only constant is change

The girls are home. They were very excited about their time with Grammy and they were excited to see me, which is nice.  They generally don’t seem to care too much if I’m around or not if others that they like are there. 

For those of you following the school saga, there’s another piece of the fun puzzle to add. 

Recap: Miss N was Braska’s teacher last year.  We like her very much.  Braska was assigned to her again this year, but in the afternoon.  That was a no-go with me.  So after the short-lived no-budging policy, they moved Braska to the morning…to Miss N’s class.  YAY! 

And when we thought it was all settled…. the phone rang again.

Miss N called to tell me that she has just accepted a new position within the school to work with the kids getting ready for Kindergarten, and I’m happy for her that she’s glad for the move. But we’ll miss her as B’s teacher.  She assures me that I’ll like Braska’s new teacher, as she was Miss N’s mentor. She sounds like a good fit.  We’ll get to meet her in a couple weeks.

So in summary… I’m SO glad we didn’t cave to the afternoon plan JUST to be with Miss N, since she wouldn’t have been there in the end.  I’m hopeful that things will go well, that Miss A will be just what Braska needs this fall, and that Jack also does great with his teacher in the room next door to Braska’s room, Miss B. 

Ask me if I think this is the final chapter in this interesting story… go ahead. Ask.


  1. Hopefully the new teacher will be just as good, if not better than Ms. N!

  2. I do not think we are done with this mess yet! I will not believe we are done until maybe........October!

  3. Glad it's working out. In my (very brief) experience with teachers...we can't depend on them to still be there, no matter the case. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not so good. But I bet things will work out. I hope so!

  4. I'm glad its worked out for Braska to be placed in the morning class!


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