Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heavenly Peace

It was short-lived. I’m worn out, but we made it through the day, as we always do.  I just wish I could learn the skills to keep things more level all the time instead of these little valleys surprising me occasionally. 

To help me not feel so bad about complaining about my girls, who I AM aware are really not very high on the challenging scale of toddlers in the real world, I thought I’d show off some of their more peaceful moments lately. 

6/29 Naptime

Love those little fingers in the blanket. Braska used to do the same thing.

7/4 Naptime.  Kinlee seemed to enjoy having the puppy on her head. 

Later on 7/4… Miss K in Mommy’s shades.

7/6 Naptime. (And yes, our headboard is a mattress.)

Sleep tight, my little beauties.

(And if you didn’t see the fun little videos of sisterly interaction on Braska’s blog, go check those out, too.  It’s fun to watch them learn to play together.)


  1. Nothing sweeter than watching them sleep:o) And I have to say, it tickles me to see Miss Kinlee all snuggled up with those soft blankies. Mom to Mom, we all have those days, and I think we are entitled to recognizing the difficulty of them, it makes us better mothers. It may not be the most difficult thing that anyone has ever experienced but it's what we are going through that day and that's worth something. I believe it is one of the many ways that God uses our children to teach us about His love. He loves us more perfectly and more unconditionally than we love our own kids and yet there are still days that we pain Him with our sin. You wouldn't have a day like this if you didn't love them so much!

  2. All little ones are always cute when they are sleeping. LOL!!


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