Monday, July 12, 2010

Ireland to the rescue!

Today Braska returned to school after being off all last week with a fever that wouldn’t quit, and when it finally did, would show up again shortly.  She was all good on Saturday and Sunday, so off to school we went this morning.

The nurse called mid morning to inform me that she had a fever again.  Good times.

I decided to call the pediatrician, since it’s been over a week with this fever stuff.  She wanted to see us, so in we went.  (Thanks to Julie for keeping KiKi on short notice so I didn’t have to wrangle two girls during naptimes.) Dr. A agrees that the odd little symptoms and strange happenings lately may very well be related…but we’re not sure how.  (Fingernails splitting in the middle, horizontally, peeling off in very odd ways. Behavioral changes that don’t make any sense. Obviously, 9 days of fever, give or take one or two in there somewhere. Congestion. Dry mouth. Loose stools. Agitation that seems like pain, but only in small, isolated bursts, then nothing for a while.  Anyone have a thought on a differential diagnosis??) 

So the testing and process of elimination begins.  (Strep test, urine sample, blood work, just for starters.)  Our fever fun means that we’ve been crushing acetaminophen and dissolving it to give to Braska, since she’s supposed to stay away from ibuprofen this close to her adenotonsilectomy in a few weeks.  That’s fine when we’ve got the right circumstances, but sometimes convenience would be so nice.  (Red-dye issues, Tylenol recall, no dye-free to be found…remember?)

When we arrive home from the doctor’s office, in the mailbox is a package from IRELAND!!!  How fun is that, regardless of what’s inside?!?

But even better, it’s the Paracetamol that the wonderful Louise has mailed me.  Dye free, sugar free, Paralink (Paracetamol) is the same as acetaminophen (Tylenol) and here it is in liquid form. TWO BOTTLES!  Isn’t she the best??? 

And she puts it OVER the top by including some CHOCOLATE!  Irish chocolate is cool just sitting there in the package, I think.

But come on—chocolate, with caramel. And it’s Cadbury! What can be bad about that?  Nothing!!

So Braska had a dose of Paracetamol, Kinlee had a bit of chocolate, Mommy snagged a tad as well, and all was good for that moment in our house. 

Thank you, Louise!!!   You really did make my day.  So generous of you to do this for us!  God bless you!!


  1. I'm so glad the package got there in one piece, and any time you need anything you know where we are. It's good to know that all over the world Braska (and kiki too)has friends!! we hope she feels better soon and enjoys her chocolate! we have enjoyed her stories for more than a year now and alwyas makes us smile....

    all our love and god bless

    Louise xxxxx and derek and dylan and lauren

  2. Sweet on the package! Never thought of that one. Cadbury's from over there is the BEST! We love it and are waiting for Jason's mom to come at the end of the month with our supply =)


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