Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Naming #2

My super cool friend Courtney asked:

Is there a story behind Kinlee's name?

The answer is yes. I couldn’t remember if I posted on this, but thought I did.  So in looking back on Kinlee’s blog, I didn’t find it.  I’d forgotten that it was posted on this blog when we found out she was a girl.

Can I just say, what fun to look back at the time when she was still a tummy baby… and the comments! Some of you have been around SO long!  I love that!  I need to remember sometimes how many buddies I’ve got that have been around for more than 3 years now!


It's not like we could go with anything normal, I mean, come on! We're a house full of weird names. The name is a combination of some family names. Lee is for Auntie Rachel's middle name, Car is for Grandma C, Carole, and the ene is for Grammy's middle name, Irene. And it's kind of just coincidental that the Kin is what's left...get it? Like kin=family.

I wanted something girly and cute.  And it was my turn to pick, since M had named Braska.  So after much pondering and debating—I liked names like Mallory, Natalie, Jennica, and others—I kept coming back to Kinlee.  And I knew the spelling from the first time I thought of it.  The middle name took more thought.  I wanted to combine the grandmas’ names, but several mash-ups just didn’t work. 

I figure if she wants to be a big-shot who can’t have a cutesie name like Kinlee, she can go by Carene and sound more sophisticated.  Options are good.

So there it is… thanks for asking, Courtney!

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  1. Aww, you're my super cool friend, too!!!

    I love that you guys have meaningful names for your kids. While I LOVE the names we chose for our kids, there are not cool stories behind them at all! How awesome for your girls!


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