Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Reason

Moving is no fun. Packing and unpacking is not enjoyable work. Leaving a life and a place we loved for a place we don't really know is scary. Missing friends and coworkers we liked so much is painful. Giving up something I'd dreamed about and never thought I'd actually have in my backyard is really hard. (I love this pic, just had to clear and blue.)

Why did we do it? Why would we up-end our whole life? What could possibly cause us to do such a thing?

Nuff said.


  1. There can be another pool, sometime.

    She is just breathtakingly cute.

  2. She is the best reason in the world!
    Besides that, we're glad to have you all closer!! Is that selfish? If it is, I'm not sorry :o)

  3. She is so beautiful and I understand doing what you need to do for your child.

    We had moved into a new home a year before Rylie was born. We bought the house from my husbands family and it was a great big house that we loved! And our mortgage payments were dirt cheap! However the school district was awful! We weren't worried about the school district because we were sending my oldest to a private school. When Rylie came along we soon realized that the private school was not going to accept Rylie. There was no way I could let her go into the horrible school district, so we had to move. We didn't move far(just outside the city), but we had to settle for a much smaller house w/ an expensive mortgage.Now that she is actually getting ready to go to school in the fall, I can say it was so worth it, because our new school district is wonderful.

    I pray you have many blessing and much happiness in your new location!

  4. Yep. And a beautiful little reason at that.

  5. What good parents! Moving for what's best for Braska :) While you will continue to miss old friends and coworkers, remember there are new friends and coworkers to meet. God never closes one door without opening another.

  6. Nuff Said, indeed!

    And she looks so grown up lately! I mean, not like a teenager, but Braska's definitely not a baby anymore.

  7. Braska is beautiful!

    Where did you find glasses that fit her gorgeous face correctly? Dillon's are HUGE and they are the smallest we could get at Clarkson.

  8. I fully get this. I had to change alot and give up some dreams and make new ones in the past few years. I did some of it kicking and screaming but at the end of the day when I hear "I love you Mommy" It certainly is all worth it!

  9. I love those 2 pics of Braska. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow. What are we going to do anyway? zoo?


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