Thursday, May 8, 2008

Checklist: Item 4

#4 Get boxes. Check.

#5 Start packing. Check.

#6 Find apartment. Check.

#7 Reserve moving truck. Check.

Since we confirmed the move was going to happen on Monday, it's been a busy time, to say the least. We've accomplished alot, though, I think. Our friends just moved last weekend, so we're taking their boxes as they unpack them. (We'll be over for another batch very soon, J!) We have an apartment reserved. (Thanks to my sister Rachel for the footwork. She browsed several options in the complex we chose and chose one that will work well for us.) Got the call this morning that it's all final with credit and such. Having great credit rocks!! We also have a storage locker/garage thingie (also thanks to R and P) so we'll be able to put all our things that won't fit in our 600 sq ft apartment somewhere. And it's close to us, so that's handy. (Still thinking how weird it will be to go from 1500 sq ft to 600 sq ft....should be fun!)

We're packing up, and it's going well. I'm delineating areas for the "get rid of," the "storage," and the "apartment" items. The truck is reserved for the first run, so things are right in line with where they should be. My mother is coming up next week to help for a few days and then to caravan with M back to St. Louis, one in the truck, one in his car. All in all, I feel like we're doing well.

We meet with the realtors tomorrow evening, so we'll then have an idea of what we need to get done on the house right away to make it ready to sell. I'm sure first on that list will be get the pool OPEN. I'm sure it will be more appealing when it's clear and sparkly in the spring sun. Thank God that we need to sell in a pool season!

Alright, back to packing.


  1. you sound busy - but you sound like you know exactly how to make it work too - that's great - wish I was closer to help in some way - but prayers are helpful too...

  2. Jessie--Prayers are the MOST helpful right now. I'm getting frustrated that not everyone in our household is as ready to work as I'm praying for my own patience and not to start yelling!

  3. Good times. Packing is soooooooo

  4. Good luck with your move. Moving can be so stressful. It's so much work, but it sounds like it will all be worth it in the end!

  5. You're doing great getting things organized. Keep cool; we'll get it all packed. Remember when we packed a home for 7 in 2 weeks back in '93?. You can do it!! I'll see you Tuesday with more boxes and plenty of energy.
    Love you!!

  6. You are so organized! Moving is so stressful (which is why I never want to do it again!) - so I'm praying that all goes smoothly for you!!

  7. Carole-- Yeah. Fun. Actually, I don't mind if I'm able to do it uninterrupted.

    Val--It will be worth it. Now to see this house!

    Mom--I was in college for the 93 move, so you did it completely without me. One month I came home to one house, and the next month it was a different house. Guess I didn't realize it was so quick, but it makes sense now that I remember the circumstances.

    Melissa--Right now, the packing isn't as much stress as the planning for the house sale. But we'll get there! Prayers are VERY appreciated!

  8. Hey I 've been a lazy blogger lately - congrats on the new job. It seems like a great move for all of you and I hope it goes well!

  9. Wow! It's happening so fast!
    Your packing up reminds me of that show on TLC- Clean Sweep. LOL
    Good luck!
    oh, & Happy Mother's day!!!

  10. Hi Rk, I have son Donavan, who has a g-tube. The band that you have around Braska to keep her's safe, is it a regular ace bandage? Or something special for kids? Thanks! Danielle

  11. Lisa B--Lazy blogger...I'm thinking I need to try that a few days!

    Boufmom9--It IS fast, and I could definitely use the Clean Sweep crew!

    Danielle--Hello! And hi to Donovan! I use an Ace bandage cut in half (so it doesn't wrap around her 8 times). I use it in the bath all the time, and I used to use it when she had the PEG with the 6-inch tube every day. With the button now, I only use it when she's naked! :o) She won't leave it alone if I don't. Drop me a note with Donovan's story...g-tube and all. My email is in my profile. Thanks!!

  12. Happy Mother's Day! Just read about your move and wish We could help you but prayers will have to suffice for now. Dean and Rochelle

  13. I'm praying for grace for you...try to take it one step at a time and just concern yourself with what is in front of you at the moment. (easier said than done, I know!)

  14. Dean and Rochelle--Thanks!! Good to hear from you!

    Sherri--Thank you very much. Prayers are much needed and much appreciated. :o)


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