Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Story: Moving, Part 1

I feel like I should write so much, but I'm just not finding the time anymore. I'm so sad that my daily blogging has turned into bi-weekly almost. So for now, pics and captions will have to suffice.

In case you've missed it somehow, here's what started this chaos of the past few weeks. It culminated in a two-part move, beginning Saturday 5/17 with the load up. We had a great turnout of guys (and Susan!) so the work went fairly quickly overall. It took some time to work out the jigsaw puzzle of fitting all our big things in with few little things to go in the gaps. But the guys did a great job.

Since there were so many hands available, and since we had a bit of a truck issue (it was too small!) we decided at the last minute to get a second truck and go ahead and load while there were people there to help. The first pic there shows both, the second zooms in on the right side of the first. Ridiculous...two trucks.

And since there were plenty of hands, Matt and Brent helped out with the pool stuff. That was a BIG help as well. And Matt drove 1 1/2 hours just to come help us. Big thanks, big important attorney man! Plus he even painted some too!

By the time we were able to crash and sleep, this is what our bedroom looked like. Blanket on floor. I don't recommend it.

Part 2 to follow soon.


  1. I hope you guys are settling in nicely at your new place!

  2. I wouldn't worry about blogging right now, we'll all be here when you get back. Get settled in and relax a little. How is Braska adjusting to the change?

  3. yeah, a blanket in the floor doesn't scream come rest your weary body. Hope things are settling down a bit, but I know how moving is a big truck load of work (or two truck loads!)

  4. Yes, you have some pretty fine friends. I add my thanks!! Hugs to all of you!!!

  5. Oh, that room looks so sad not being purple! We miss you guys:-)

  6. Don't worry about blogging - just pop in when you can. I'm glad you had some help with such a big job!

  7. I hope things are going smoothly and you are getting settled in.
    Try to peek out the windows at your new pretty view when you start feeling tired. Truely a lovely view is inspiring.
    :) Debi


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