Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stuff Mart

This is everything that won't fit in our apartment... except for the sofa part of the sectional, which is at Jody's. Last night we needed a fan, as being on the second/top floor of our building is sure proving to be a toasty existence. There is central air here, but it seems to be a tad inefficient, to say the least. So we made our first trip to the storage unit. (We weren't at the "moving in" there, since we were unloading the other truck at the apartment.) M jumped in and walked on boxes and random other items to get to where the fan was hiding. Successful trip, and we're enjoying the breezy outcome.
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  1. glad the hunt was successful - seems like MO forgot there's a spring in between winter and summer!

  2. If you need some more fans, give us a holler. We have at least one stand fan and a smaller one Braska could use at night that we're not currently using and that you could borrow.

  3. We are having the same "nonspring" experience here in NJ. UGH!
    Hope the fan continues to do the trick!


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