Thursday, May 15, 2008

Working against the clock

All you blogger friends, I'm so sorry I'm not keeping up with your latest posts. Don't think I've deserted you! My Reader is filling up, but I'll get there sometime.

For now, it's still crazy packing/cleaning/repairing all around the house. We're making headway, but we've still got a LONG way to go and about 48 hours til we load the truck.

Prayers are very much appreciated...for us to get done what we need to on time, and for the house to sell quickly. And for safety through all this work, loading, driving, and unloading. Thanks for keeping up with us... hopefully we'll be able to relax at least for a moment next week.


  1. Good luck! Take care - and we look forward to hearing about the move once you're settled in!!

  2. Don't worry about keeping up with posts - you are one busy woman! We'll be here when you are settled, and then I expect lots of pictures and Braska stories :)

  3. ok now you had that packing checklist right? I am sure blogging is somewhere in the 400s - just keep plugging along and we'll talk to when your in MO!

  4. Love and energy and safety all coming your way!!!

  5. You've got my prayers. Don't stress over blogging, but I know how nice it is to pop in just to relieve some stress. I pray everything goes smoothly and according to His will.

  6. Don't sweat it...plenty of time for blogs once you're unpacked & settled in StC! We'll look forward to more random questions down the road. =)


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