Monday, May 12, 2008

Morning bright

Today is a better day. I don't feel quite so overwhelmed. Andrea is here this morning (twin newborns in tow!) to play with Braska and help while she's napping. You rock, girlfriend! I've switched our utilities and such over to the 2-bdrm apartment from the 1-bdrm that we originally had arranged. That went smoothly, which is a blessing. We did confirm approval for the 2-bdrm unit, and I'll get to see it tomorrow when I make a trip down. I've started on my list of to-do from the realtors, and we have friends who have stepped up and will be helping us take care of this stuff. Really, we have so many great friends who will sacrificially give of their time, money, and support... we are going to miss them alot!

There is really something to be said for those that have what I call the "Sure! mentality." It means that when you ask for help or if they can assist you with something, their answer is always "Sure!!" It's not, "I don't know, we may be busy." It's not, "Well, I'll have to check." It's not anything that makes you think you're an imposition, even though it might be greatly so. They may rearrange personal things to suit our need. They may change plans or even cancel trips. But they don't ever hesitate for a minute. They say, "Sure!" and then they make it work. THAT is a true friend to me. THAT is how I aim to be with others. THAT is what I believe we're called to be. THAT is what we have in friends both here and other places. And for THAT I am very thankful.

One more thing... these people with the Sure! mentality NEVER take credit for their work. They never rub it in our faces that they helped, looking for a pat on the back. Nothing makes me cringe more than someone who tries to extrude a big gush of appreciation from me. I try to be thankful and clearly so when it is due. I believe that's important. But these friends who go out of their way to help us in so many ways over the years, they do it because they want to be a friend, not because they want recognition.

Remember, it's always better to sit at a low place and have someone ask you to move to a better one than to assume a place of recognition only to be told you have to move down.


  1. I'm so glad that things are going smoothly - at least that helps it not be too overwhelming (although I'm amazed at how well you can handle such a quick move). It's so wonderful that you are surrounded by so much love and support too!! What a blessing!

  2. Thank goodness for "sure" friends. This inspires me to remember to be a "sure" friend too!

  3. In the midst of your packing and craziness you take time to drop a huge nugget of truth into our lives. I am sure you are such a friend and I'm glad you are experiencing that right now when you need it.

  4. That good old reliable scripture stuff just keeps finding application in day to day life! Way to go!

  5. I LOVE those kinds of people! It is something I always strive to be...someone everyone can count on.
    What a blessing that you have been surrounded by so many people like that! :)
    I hope it all continues to go so smoothly for you!

  6. If you got anything that can wait till the weekend of Jun 14-15, I'm your "Sure" man. Sorry we can't be there to help.

  7. Your friends are just amazing, which, I am sure, is a reflection of the type of friend that you are.
    Thanks again RK. your posts are always inspiring me to be a better person.

  8. hope things are still bright for you RK - hang in there - sounds like your "sure" friends are hanging with ya


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