Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beyond tired

I'm exhausted. Here's how it went. (Pictures will come soon.)

Saturday night we slept on the floor. Or we attempted to sleep on the floor. Not much sleep was had. Sunday morning we got up and slowly got finished with the last few things. M and Braska headed out around 9 while it took Mom and I til after 11 to get things finished. We jumped in our respective trucks and off went the convoy. We had crews to unload at both the storage unit and our apartment. It was all done very quickly and efficiently, with only one part of the sectional not making the corners to get into the apartment.

Monday morning we went to Children's to meet up with Jen and Sophie and spent the day with them, distracting, fetching, and driving to be sure the day went smoothly for them as much as possible. They were both awfully brave and real champs. We drove back to Champaign and I'm crashing at their place. Today was all about errands...two therapy appointments for Braska, taking cable boxes back, hitting the bank, stopping by for last minute Braska visits, and seeing friends one last time, at least for a while. The inspection was done today on the house...it's all overwhelming. Maybe I'll deal with that more later...maybe not. The carpets have been cleaned. The house looks pretty darn good. Maybe I'll stay. :o)

Tomorrow morning I'll be finishing making the kitchen sparkle, now that the other people coming through to do things is over, then I'll work on the pool to get it looking pretty. I hope to be out of town mid morning, and the house officially goes on the market tomorrow, as it stands now. I'm praying for a miraculous, quick sale. We need it, and I think it's possible. Thankfully, that whole location thing everyone talks about... we got it. Hope it works.

I'm anxious to get home...to the new home that awaits in StC. For now that's an apartment, and that's ok. Soon it'll be a house we love. I'm confident, but I'm still admittedly nervous. I'm way up there on the list of world's worst second-guessers. Things will feel better when I'm not trying to be in all places at all times.

More later on the movers and how great they are...but for now, thanks guys (and Susan!!). You were awesome!


  1. BIG GIANT HUGS. Welcome to your new home (as soon as you can get there) and PLEASE, try to get a little rest. YOU DESERVE IT! You are AWESOME!

  2. been checking in quite often anxious to hear that you made it and are safe...glad the end of the tunnel is near and you can hopefully get that long deserved rest very soon!

  3. Miss you and hope all is well in the new place! Let me know when we can plan a visit! Get some rest and hugs to all of you! If there is anything that we can do for you here in Champaign to save you a trip let us know. Talk to you soon.

  4. Many prayers and hopes of rest coming your way. Moving is SO hard!!

  5. I drove past our old, your new, apartment complex today and thought of you. Let us know if you need anything.

  6. Been reading about your move, so glad to hear it's almost done! I hope your unpacking goes smoothly and that you quickly adjust to your new home!


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