Saturday, November 20, 2010

Elmo loves cupcakes

My someday-she-will-be-a-sister-in-law Cheryl has found quite a fun new hobby/side job in cake decorating. She makes some pretty neat things, as shown on her cake blog. When it came time to do Braska’s birthday cake, I thought it would be fun for Braska and I to go to Cheryl’s place and do something fun with all her tools and tricks. (Check out Braska’s narrative of her part of the day.)

I decided on Elmo largely because he is still one of Braska’s favorites, and I figured it would be pretty easy. Cheryl found some neat pics online and we collaborated a bit to come up with our final design. We went with a cupcake cake plan, and I think it was the right choice.

First, it should be noted that I was supposed to bake the cupcakes and take them with me when I went down. I also picked up some items at Hobby Lobby to help the process be a bit easier…especially with the dark icing coloring. And I found come cute Elmo paper cupcake cups. But I found that I didn’t have proper cupcake tins. So I was going to borrow them from Cheryl. Thursday evening we were at Cheryl and Ethon’s for Thursday Night Football and I took the stuff for today so I wouldn’t forget. I’ve been VERY forgetful lately. She laid out the cupcake tins for me to take home. After I got home late that night, I realized something.

I forgot the tins at her house.

So last night I decided I’d just use my disposable-type muffin tins and do a few batches of baking to get the needed amount. But as I opened the cake mix box, I realized something.

I forgot the Elmo cupcake papers at her house, too.

Not sure why I took them in with the other items, but I did. And I left them there. And she lives 30 minutes away.

So she generously offered to do the cupcake baking portion of the task last night as well. She rocks.

Unfortunately, getting Elmo-red icing is tough. We knew this. I thought I was prepared. I was wrong. So I had to make a run out to Michael’s to get some prepared red icing to help our batch of homemade. I left Braska with Cheryl and ran just a short way to nearby shopping and Michael’s. As I pulled in to the space in front of the store, I realized something.

I forgot to grab my purse. I had no wallet or means with which to pay for my purchases.

I turned around and went back to Cheryl’s, ran in and got my purse, and returned to Michael’s to get what I needed.

This is getting ridiculous!

In the end, we made it through. We brainstormed a little of this and that, and the end result is great!

Here’s a few views in different lighting and such. My only contribution is the letter cupcakes, and I just did the white and the red lettering. I found out I am VERY rusty in my cake decorating skills. Cheryl did the little color sparkles, though they were just about my best idea of the day, I think. They made a huge difference, we agreed!

Way to go, us! (But mostly Cheryl!!)

Tomorrow’s the big day!!!


  1. It turned out so good! Wow you two did a great job.

  2. I laughed with your post. Cheryl is very talented. Happy birthday to Braska.

  3. so cute! hope your are enjoying eating them, probably at this very moment... and watching the Bears?? and I'm so glad to read that you can be just as forgetful as me!

  4. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be up to my elbows in frosting with you both! TOO MUCH FUN! And the cake turned out rockstariffic!

  5. Absolutely beautiful and creative too!! I had to laugh at your's so nice to hear other Moms forget things too...I'm TERRIBLE!! :)

    Happy Belated Birthday, Braska!!!


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