Friday, November 26, 2010

We now pause for a station break...

I keep thinking I'll catch up. I keep thinking I'll somehow get time to sit down and write about some of the things I want to document or think about "outloud."

But it's not happening. I'm not managing everything like I need to. So for now, we're gonna give Just RK a break.

I am going to step away from my computer and the addiction that has apparently absorbed too much of my days. I'm not going to chuck my laptop or anything, but I have to get out of the "I must blog about that" mindset that is always in the front of my mind.

I'm also going to clean out my Google Reader subscriptions. I'm going to have to make some tough choices there. I'll not be removing everyone, of course, and those of you who have become more than just a random blog somebody-out-there will not be lost, don't worry. But the choosing...That will be PAINFUL because I kind of have a thing about keeping up on everybody all the time. But it's not possible. And most of the people I have been following for years don't even do much blogging anymore, so I don't think many blogs will notice that I'm not around very much.

And no, I'm not on Facebook. The point is LESS time online, not more.

So I'll check in here or there, and I will post when I can, but it may be a while. I will try to keep up Braska's blog, and I promise to get to her IEP stuff, which several of you have asked about.

To make it easy, make sure you are over there in the "Followers" bunch or sign up for email subscriptions so that you don't have to check in and be disappointed when there aren't new posts, but you'll know when there is something new to read.

Have a great holiday season, friends.

(The Happy Bloggy Holiday card exchange will still happen, so if you are interested, you can still sign up. We have a few on the list.)


  1. Great idea! Good for you :o)

  2. You are so right, I do sometimes find myself too caught up in the blogging world! I'll miss all of your posts!

  3. totally get it. you'll feel so much better! and to some degree I have to re-evaluate my followings again and again because stuff sneaks up on me. good luck RK!

  4. hi there, first time on your blog, but I just wanted to let you know that I have done the same a while back. I got to a point where I was "obsessing" about blogging about everything that happened in my life. I don't know how these other Moms do it, but it just did not work in my life. I got more important things to do (take care of my Hubby and children) than to broadcast to the world what I created, what I thought or what I did.

    Feel the peace as you step away from the blog world and live the NOW around your loved ones.

    Happy Holidays. :)

  5. I will miss your blog, but I SO respect your decision and priorities!

    You really have taught me a lot about many different things and I want to say thank you!

    If you ever want to be in touch (and know how to figure that out), go right ahead! I have NO techno-abilities!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. I've felt much the same way for awhile. And yes, FB is taking up too much of my time :) Sometimes I find it easier/quicker to 'keep up' with people all at once on FB though. I can see what's going on w/the newsfeed status updates and go down the list commenting or not...instead of opening each blog and commentig. And my bloglines ... makes me feel so guilty! Seeing all the 'unread' posts, I can't hit 'mark all read' because I feel like I might be missing out on someone's big news and I have to keep up with everyone. I seriously need to find the time to pare down my bloglines list as well. Take care!


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