Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Decade. Check. Bring on the next one.

It was 10 years ago.  The day we walked down the aisle in Salem, Missouri.  The day we committed to spending our lives together. 

Randa's Wedding5-edit-couple

We promised each other we’d be around for better or for worse.  And we’ve had both.

We promised each other we’d be around for richer or for poorer.  And we’ve had both.

We promised each other we’d be around in sickness and in health.  And we’ve had both.

We made promises that day that have taken every ounce of determination and sheer stubbornness not to give up on.

But we made it. 

And I can say without a doubt that I’m better now than I was then.  Than I’ve ever been, actually. I’m a better person. I’m a better wife. I’m learning how to be a better mother each day. 

Heck, I think we’re even better looking than ever, too!


For all the doubt and the challenges that these 10 years have brought, I hold no resentment. I refuse to be bitter. I refuse to let the enemy have one ounce of control in this area.  We fought hard, with each other, with ourselves, and with mountains that stood in our way.

Because if I had not traveled the path I have, I would not have this testimony to share. 

Thus far, the Lord has brought me.  I am where He has placed me, and I can know that for certain. Life does not have to be fair, it does not have to be all light, music, and fluffy clouds.  It rarely is.  But I know that my God has never left me. He has never failed me. And though I do not know where my next steps will take me, I know this.  If my steps are on HIS path, I need not worry about what is to the left or to the right. I need only keep my eyes on HIM.

So this anniversary holds special meaning for me.  It celebrates 10 years of marriage, but more importantly, it celebrates 10 years of watching God work miracles, provide for my every need, carry me when I couldn’t walk, and bless me over and over and over.

And what’s most wonderful is this…

We are on the brink of so much more.  The Lord is setting up the prime situation to show HIS Glory once again.

The future is exciting to me.  I have moments of trepidation, for I do not know what it will bring.  But I have learned a great deal about trusting God lately. I’ve come to understand more about what it means to believe God.  Really believe Him.  And I believe with all my being that He has my best interest at heart always, that He can see then end of the story and knows that it’s GREAT, and that He delights in me, whether I walk, crawl, or stumble on my journey.

So happy anniversary to us…and celebrate with me as I look to what awesome blessings the next 10 will bring our way.

Thanks for 10 years, M. Stick with me, babe, and we’ll accomplish great things!


  1. A great testimony; you have your father's gift for words:o)
    And yes, older is better. You two look great!!! Can you imagine how great your dad and I will look as we celebrate 40 years next week?!
    Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful post, happy 10th anniversary to you! You do look fabulous!

  3. Happy Anniversary guys! It's amazing what 10 years does to our looks, doesn't it? Better with age I always say!

  4. wonderful post! happy anniversary and wishing that the next 10 are even better!

  5. Sorry I'm late commenting. Somehow I didn't see the email notice in my in-box. Wonderful post for your anniversary! I'm proud of you for hanging in there and glad that you now enjoy blessings produced by the difficulties. You all do look even better. And next year it will be 11-11-11 at 11:11am.

  6. Wonderful post RK! Good to hear this from you.

  7. Congrats RK (and M!) I seriously think that the 10th anniversary (and the year leading up to it) was one of the hardest for our marriage... but the 11th one has been the sweetest - and it's because of those struggles that it tastes so sweet. I pray the same for you both - it just gets sweeter and sweeter.

    I'm late because we just got back from our no-kid vacation and I would highly recommend it!! :)

  8. Belated Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful anniversary. :)


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