Friday, November 19, 2010

Fastest week. Maybe.

This was a crazy busy week. The good part is that it seems to have flown by. The bad part is that it seems to have flown by!  I wonder why….


My sister and her husband moved into a new house last Sunday.

As they both have very busy jobs, and I’m largely more flexible (as long as I can juggle the girls) I have been helping with unpacking and receiving deliveries (though not with 100% success…thanks Home Depot).  I managed to get the kitchen somewhat usable and looking like it should, which is important, I think, because they are doing renovations in much of the rest of the house.  So chaos is king over there.  I thought if the kitchen felt a little more like a home, it might be nice.  Of course, they’re going to be ripping out the whole kitchen and re-doing it next year, but for now, it’s doing it’s job.

I’m glad they got to enjoy the Bears win last night in some semblance of comfort, even lit their first fire.  (The living room is almost done.)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping and doing little jobs for them this week.  It’s one of the few ways I can return all the generosity that they have shown us.  And I like home stuff!  (Though I admit I’ll be excited when it’s all done so we can once and FOR ALL get the new floors clean and free of sawing and drywall dust!)

They are hosting Thanksgiving next week. Brave ones!


As you may have seen in the previous post, my brother Jody and his wife had a tiny little girl this week.  She was expected to not show up for a little while longer, so that was a surprise situation that she made her entrance a little early.  She’s doing well, and I’m guessing they’re going home today if all is on schedule.  My girls have loved looking at their new baby cousin, Arden Mae.  Braska was even sittting down to go tinkle before her nap a while ago and was chanting to herself, “Baby Ardie Mae, Baby Ardie Mae” over and over.  Kinlee told me at lunch, “I have new baby cousin. She’s Arrrrdie Mae. (sounded like a pirate when she said it.)”  Then she quickly said, “Other cousin is Xander Boo.”  (Which is the ONLY way she refers to her cousin on the other side…Grandma C’s pet name has stuck!)  I reminded her she had one more. She thought for a moment and said, “Yeah!  Shay!”  That girl has quite a memory, and ability to call it up when needed.


Julie has been home this week, waiting out the 10-day waiting period here instead of in Dashlyn’s country.  She and Madelyn, her teen daughter, are heading out this Saturday to return to get Dashlyn. (Wonder what my girls will re-name her?!)  It’s been totally divinely planned that the timing was just perfect for her to be here this week.  She was able to back me up more than a couple times with school pick up and such, and that freed me up to be at Rach’s when I needed to be. 

I have to do a better job of not taking her for granted!!   It is SO nice to have her and her bunch so close and always available and WILLING to cover my mini munchkins so often.

Jack will be joining us again for school days starting Monday. My girls will be VERY excited about that.

I CANNOT WAIT to meet the precious Dashlyn!! She will be home in less than 2 weeks if all goes well!  Hooray!!!


Braska’s going to be 4 on Sunday.  I’ve once again completely slacked on the birthday situation.  I started a post over 2 weeks ago that was supposed to be a 2 or 3 part update, but it still sits.  I can’t make my brain work properly to organize all the thoughts to do a thorough job.  I need to get on that, though.

She and I are going to Cheryl’s house tomorrow to do some fun cupcake cake decorating to prep for her family (one side, anyway) party on Sunday afternoon. (Check out Cheryl’s cake blog here… some neat stuff!)


Now it’s time to stop putting off the catch-up that needs to be done around here since I’ve been working elsewhere all week.  The girls are sleeping, which is what I’d like to be doing as well, so I best take advantage of the time and at least get the kitchen back to ship shape!


  1. WOW, that is one crazy busy week. Everything sounds great though.
    So excited about Dashlyn's homecoming and B turning 4 REALLY?!? WOW!

  2. what? nobody got married? or a new job? :) you seem to have every other major life event packed into this week - a very momentus week for sure. Hope you have some time to relax... eventually... :) happy birthday to Braska!


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