Monday, November 1, 2010

Slowest blog day of the year

Apparently everyone keels over after 31 for 21 and can't post another single solitary word! November 1 has to be the slowest blog day on the calendar, at least if you're in my Google Reader. I've been amazed all day at the peeks onto my iGoogle Homepage with my handy-dandy Google Reader widget (no, I am not getting compensation for this commercial) bringing no new posts from anyone.

Sure, there have been one or two. But after getting hit with like 80 items in the Reader every time I checked, over 300 a day, it seemed sad today to have a lull. Not that I had time to really read, but still. It's comforting. I admit my addiction.

For me the day was about "the trio," safety and emissions inspection, need for 4 new tires, diapers x3, naps x3, and lunch x3. Throw in phone calls regarding an update on the recent IEP, scheduling the yearly review from the regional center, setting up an interview for a part-time job I haven't even been looking for but that found me (we'll see what God has in store with that...), the eye doctor calling back to say that we are, in fact, probably looking at eye surgery for Braska (more on that later, when I know a bit more...and it's still a "probably"), and attempts at dinner and pathetically minimal household straightening. It was quite a day.

But we made it. It's just after 9pm and I want to crash. But I'm going to go put on my Joy FM 99.1 (again, not a paid endorsement, just a friendly recommendation for good input) and clean my kitchen with at least a respectable effort. Then I still need to do my Beth Moore study homework and at least sort the laundry so it's ready for tomorrow.

Oh darn it... I just remembered I didn't finish the license plate renewal. Already a day late. Guess I'll start with that. Thank goodness for online options.

I hope everyone else's bloggy breaks are allowing for more relaxation!


  1. I blogged today on my secret job blog. That may not come up on your reader. Did you check over there?

  2. I noticed this too! Normally I'm bombarded with all these great posts, but today I haven't got too much from the regulars :(

  3. Try slowest blog of the last couple months over at mine. I'm just so exhausted by the end of the day, I have nothing left. I've got to get on the ball. Hope all is going well with you and your family!

  4. haha! I know what you mean as I'm one of the bloggers who DIDN'T post yesterday, or today for that matter! I'm actually relieved to have the break in my reader though. I love 31 for 21 but man it puts me so far behind on blog reading! As if I'm not already behind, then comes the month where 'everyone' is posting every day and I just fall farther behind in reading AND commenting!

    And I've got nothing now. Hmmm...


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