Monday, November 1, 2010

Naptime 11 . 01 . 2010

Usually “Naptime” posts are just pictures, but I’m loving this too much not to share the backstory.

Today is the first day of the “trio” days. Jack is here with us from before school to after naptime. The girls are LOVING it, let me just say. Jack is having fun, but the poor guy is just about henpecked already. I tried to be a bit of a buffer, but he is quite enough boy to take care of himself, too.

School drop off and pick up went well. I didn’t rush, just let it go as it went. (That’s new for me…I’m learning!) Lunch went well, and the kids played some before nap. Jack was VERY excited to get to Skype with his mommy and daddy before nap, though it would have been more fun for him if I had my webcam so he could SEE them. But he chatted and smiled a lot.

And can I just say, I’m still pretty impressed with the tech availability in the world. It’s neat that I can just push a button, “call” Julie over there in Far Away Land, and we chit chat like normal. (Except Allan was listening, so I didn’t talk about him like I usually do. tee hee. Hi Allan!!) And they are in the future! (7 hours worth anyway)

The kids went down very well, KiKi first, then Jack and then Braska. Jack decided he’d try out Braska’s bed, so I’m staying close to make sure he doesn’t flop out or something. But he snuggled up with Elmo and his blankie and snoozin’ came easy. (He gets TWO pics because his mommy needs as many as she can get to hold her over…)



Now, for goodness sake… I need to take advantage of the quiet and get something done!!

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