Saturday, November 20, 2010

40 years

Happy Anniversary to my parents. 

40 years!

Congrats Mom and Dad!


  1. Congrats Rod and Jan! And now you have a wedding to celebrate among all the milestones after all - so your week is complete :)

  2. Lookin good. Give them our best wishes and love.

  3. Thanks. Too bad we don't still look like that! :o) We celebrated just like we have done for the past 9 years -- tending an exhibit booth at the North American Christian Convention. We're in Lexington, KY, right now :o)

  4. No, we don't look like that..WE LOOK BETTER!! (But I still like that picture.) ARM Pres. Joe Garman bought us an expensive meal at a fancy steakhouse. And we are happy to have arrived safely home earlier this evening.


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