Friday, November 5, 2010

Kinlee-isms #2

Braska started crawling down the hall following a ball she had kicked. (Side note…she is supposed to be crawling some for core strength per her PT. She still walks, don’t worry.)  Kinlee said, “Braska’s kicking the ball. She’s crawling!”

Our fave lately…After we left our Fall Festival at church on Sunday night, Kinlee was chattering in her car seat about this and that. She stopped for a moment. Then said simply, “I need chocolate.”  M and I started to giggle but before we could reply she said, in the same calm, matter-of-fact tone. “I need veggies.”

With Jack here, Kinlee’s got another party to announce play-by-play for their actions.  I walked into Braska’s room for a diaper change for all three, and Kinlee said, “Mommy!  Jack’s jumping on Braska’s bed!” 

There are three car seats in the van since Jack is with us when we’re out going to school and such while his parents are away getting to know Dashlyn.  They’re all the same but two are pink and one is blue. When it’s just Kinlee and I, while the kids are at school, she always climbs in the van and says, “I sit in Jack’s blue seat.”  I tell her that’s fine, but she can’t sit in his seat when he gets out of school.  She says, “Ok. I sit in this pink seat.” (motioning to the seat next to Jack’s)  “Braska in this pink seat.” (motioning to the seat by itself.) “Jack sit in blue seat.  And Mommy drive a car.” 

Kinlee peeks out of the playroom and says, “Hi Mommy!”  Then Braska shuts the playroom door and leaves her sister in the hall.  Kinlee looks down the hall at me and says, “Braska shut this door!”

I don’t think I’ll have much trouble knowing what’s happening and who is doing what with Miss Play By Play around.


  1. RK her speech is leaving me, speechless. You sure she's only a few months older than Helena?

  2. She is crazy good with the talking.


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